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Brandi Grayson is a socialist activist in Madison Wisconsin.

MDSA election successes/losses


Madison Democratic Socialists of America April 14 2021.

Madison Area Democratic Socialists of America (MADSA) extends its gratitude to all of our endorsed candidates for running in the 2021 spring election. Each candidate earned our endorsement by demonstrating their desire to fight for working people and the oppressed.

We are excited to celebrate the electoral victories of Ben Heili, Yannette Figueroa Cole, Nikki Conklin, and Brian Benford. We look forward to working towards a better Madison with each of these alders, a Madison in which all people have a right to live free from racist oppression, a right to housing and to drink water free from pollution, and a right to healthcare and economic stability. A better world is possible through sustained and empowered social movements and we are glad to have each of these alders working in solidarity with us.

We are disappointed by the losses of Rebecca Kemble, Tessa Echeverria, Brandi Grayson, Ayomi Obuseh, and Benji Ramirez. Each of these candidates demonstrated courage in running on platforms that centered the needs of oppressed and marginalized Madisonians. While these candidates may have lost their elections, they have all been successful in engaging our community in the work of social and economic justice.

DSA endorsement

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In 2020 Yannette Figueroa Cole, Brandi Grayson, Tessa Echeverria ran for Madison City Council with Madison Democratic Socialists of America endorsement.


Z. Lula Haukeness July 10, 2015 ·


With Nneka Akubeze, Karma Chavez, Morathi Adams, Jennifer Epps-Addison, Ti S. Banks, Jasmine Timmons, Alix Shabazz, Eric S. Upchurch II, Brandi Grayson, Matthew Braunginn and Max Rameau.

Black Lives Matter event

Gilbert Johnson January 24, 2015:


With Maureen W. Keyes, Gwendolynne Moore, Pat A. Robinson, Brandi Grayson, Solana Patterson-Ramos, Maria A. Hamilton, Brian Woods, James Edward Cunningham, Bryan Pfeifer, Milele A. Coggs, Anthony Rainey, Emily Sunshine, Lena C. Taylor, Brian Verdin, Jonathan Brostoff, David DB Bowen, Mandela Barnes, Mike Maass, Alan Eisenberg, Jennifer Epps-Addison, Gary Goyke, Ron Taylor, Nate Hamilton, Emilio De Torre, Jayme Montgomery, Rob Biko Baker, Sowande Omokunde, Robert Smith, Jeremy Anapto Triblett, Khalil Coleman, Gary Cooper-Sperber, Mike Erdmann, Berthina Joseph, Babette Grunow, David Muhammad, Gail Williams, Joan Prince, Angela Lang, Gary Mitchell, Eric D. Graff, Martin Weddle and American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees Local 82.