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Brad Johnson at 2010 Netroots Nation conference


Brad Johnson

Netroots Nation

From his "Speaker Profile" at Netroots Nation:[1]

Brad Johnson is a climate strategist and communicator. He is the editor of Hill Heat, a climate politics and policy website. Previously Brad was the founding executive director of Climate Hawks Vote, a grassroots climate politics organization, campaign manager for Forecast the Facts, a grassroots climate advocacy organization, and editor for ThinkProgress Green at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Brad holds a bachelor’s degree in math and physics from Amherst College and master’s degree in geosciences from the Massachusetts Institute for Technology. He is the co-author of Technomanifestos and the founder of

Brad Johnson moderated a panel discussion at the Netroots Nation 2021 Conference titled Fighting for the Green New Deal on the Hill.[2] Panelists are Ro Khanna, Senior Policy Adviser to Rep. Jamaal Bowman, Rajiv Sicora, and policy advisor to Ed Markey, Hannah Vogel.

Brad Johnson was a speaker at the Netroots Nation 2010 Conference along with Jamie Henn.[3]

Netroots Nation 2021

FIGHTING FOR THE GREEN NEW DEAL ON THE HILL Panel; Fri, 10/08/2021 - 01:00pm (Eastern)

Fossil-fueled global warming is accelerating and we are all affected by the costs of our unequal, unjust, and toxic economic system. The US and the world need a Green New Deal to fight climate change and build prosperity and racial justice. Learn from progressive elected officials, activists, and Hill staffers about the fight against corporate interests and polluters to enact policies in line with the grand vision of the Green New Deal.

Led by: Brad Johnson

Panelists: Rep. Ro Khanna, Lauren Maunus, Rajiv Sicora, Hannah Vogel

Center for American Progress

In 2005 Brad Johnson served in the Communications department of Center for American Progress.[4] Climate Researcher/Blogger