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Bob Briton

Bob Briton was a leader of the Communist Party of Australia. He formed the rival Australian Communist Party in June 2019.

ACP founding


Bob Briton at founding of Australian Communist Party.

Solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution

Vinnie Molina October 21, 2017 ·


Solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution in Sydney NSW. With Daniel Gasparri charge d'affaires Bolivarian republic of Venezuela. Communist Party of Australia, CPA. — with David Matters, Warren Smith, Daniel Gasparri, Wayne Sonter, Eliz Hulm, Bob Briton and Anna Pha.

Party leader

In June 2013, the Communist Party of Australia Central Committee Executive announced the appointment of Comrade Bob Briton as Acting General Secretary to lead the Party until the Central Committee meets in August.[1]

Communist background

Bob Briton joined the Socialist Party of Australia in 1984.

At that time he was active in the Australian Capital Territory against unfair dismissals and in solidarity with the peoples of Latin America.

Since moving to South Australia he has remained active around the issue of political prisoners in Colombia, solidarity with Venezuela and Vietnam and is treasurer of the South Australian May Day Collective.

He has served for many years on the South Australian State Committee of the CPA and became its secretary in 2001.

He became a journalist on the Party’s weekly newspaper, The Guardian, and was elected to the Central Committee in 2005 and has served on its Peace Sub-Committee.

He is currently secretary of the CC’s International Department. Briton has represented the Party at several international forums. [2]

Bye election

CPA South Australia State Secretary, Bob Briton, ran as the Party’s candidate in the 2012 Port Adelaide bye-election.

The Party has leafleted extensively about the pollution problems facing the area. The local Branches had also campaigned for a reduction in military industries, the scrapping of military-oriented curricula and “partnerships” for high schools and weapons manufacturing companies. The CPA had joined with other members of the local Left Unity umbrella group around this issue and others in recent times. LU representative Pas Forgione spoke at Briton's campaign launch. CPA candidate Bob Briton concluded his contribution with this observation:

“I believe we will not make much headway towards our goals of a more just society unless and until we have a strong Communist Party within a strong and united left. I cannot tell you how impressed and grateful we are for the support shown by the Left Unity organisation in Adelaide. Left Unity is made up of members of the CPA, Socialist Alliance, Organise!, the Anti-Capitalist Forum, the Socialist Party, current and former members of the Greens and other progressive individuals.”

Briton pledged ongoing support for the joint work of Left Unity and expressed the wish for a good result in the by-election in return for the confidence shown by supporters of the CPA’s campaign.[3]