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Black Panther Party Support Groups

The Communist Party USA CPUSA and other communist, marxist, socialist, and Left radical groups created many support groups for the Black Panther Party BPP, usually to conduct fundraising, pro-Panther propaganda operations/disinformation, or to recruit additional supporters. There were many local and regional organizations with varying names and an attempt will be made to include them here rather than under their individual names. However, the major organizations will be also given their own Keywiki pages.

Continuations Committee of the Emergency Conference to Defend the Right of the Black Panther Party to Exist

A letter dated September 1970 from the Continuations Committee of the Emergency Conference to Defend the Right of the Black Panther Party to Exist Emergency Conference to Defend the Right of the Black Panther Party to Exist enclosed "a petition to the United National to End Genocide."

"We are sure that you agree that such a petition is both necessary and timely and that you will join the effort to collect at least one millions signatures." [This is a play on the old CPUSA petition to the U.N. charging the U.S. with conducting genocide against black Americans in the late 1940's]

"The petition campaign was a mandate from the Emergency Conference to Defend the Right of the Black Panther Party to Exist held last March in Chicago. The Continuations Committee is now in the process of carrying through this mandate, we have set up an office, petitions have been distributed throughout the country and a brochure will be available in two weeks."

The rest of the letter was an appeal for funds during "an extended week - September 26 through October 4 - to collect signatures..."

Signatures of the Emergency Conference Committee


Continuations Committee


Union printing "Bug" 209 on the letter and attached Petition to the United Nations to End Genocide

Emergency Conference Committee 33 Union Square W., New York, N.Y., 10003 Room 907, (212) 989-6099

Petition to the United National to End Genocide

Attachment to the Emergency Conference Committee letter of September, 1970 immediately above: Contents of

"We, the undersigned citizens of the United States, gravely concerned with the continued racist persecution, conscious and unconscious, and centuries-old denial of Constitutional rights and respect for human dignity to men, women and children of Red, Brown, Yellow and Black Americans, assert that:"

"The savage police activities, based upon official policies of Federal, State and City governments, has resulted in innumerable beatings, frame-ups, arrests and murders of black Americans, the classical example of which is the Black Panther Party. The murderous attacks on Black youth in Chicago, Illinois; Orangeburg, South Carolina; Augusta, Georgia; Jackson, Mississippi; and the innumerable beatings, legal frameups of Brown, Red, Yellow and Black youths are not only in violation of their legal rights, but as well of this government's commitment under the Charter of the United Nations."

"The Genocide Convention adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 9, 1948, defines as genocide "killing members of the group and any intent to destroy in whole or in part a national racial or ethnic or religious group." And further, according to the Convention, "Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group" is Genocide."

"We assert that the Genocide Convention has been flagrantly violated by the Government of the United States. We further assert that the United Nations has jurisdiction in this matter, to hold otherwise is to repudiate its position regarding apartheid in South Africa and as well its universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Its Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide."

"The racist planned and unplanned terror suffered by more than 40 millions of black, brown, red and yellow citizens of the United States cannot be regarded solely as a domestic issue. The continuance of these practices threatens the struggle of mankind throughout the world to achieve peace, security and dignity."

"On the basis of simple justice, it is time for the United Nations to call for universal action to apply economic and political sanctions against the United States Government until such time as the United States will abide by the Genocide Convention and the Declaration of Human Rights."

Partial List of Sponsors

* Asterisk means an open or identified member of the CPUSA

** Two asterisks means hardcore,longtime documented CPUSA supporter whose possible or actual membership has not been made public]]

? Question mark means that the person has been a leader of a CPUSA front but there is no found (so far) identification of them as a member of the CPUSA. This will be continually researched to find out if there are/were Party members. Some people were told by the Party not to join because they would be more useful to it as a non-member and could swear before a congressional committee that they were not a CPUSA member. They would usually take the "Fifth Amendment" when asked if they were "under Party discipline" at any time]


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