Binesh Sreedharan

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Binesh Sreedharan

Binesh Sreedharan is married to Preethy Binesh. Lives in Wellington, New Zealand.


  • Worked at King Fahad Specialist Hospital
  • Former chief of ECG at KFSH

Founding conference

According to Franc Stregone on November 21-22 2019, the New Communist Party of Aotearoa (NCPA) held its inaugural congress. The congress marked the end of the 25-year absence of Marxism-Leninism in New Zealand. Held in Wellington, the congress had representatives from the Communist Party of Australia (CPA), the Embassy of Cuba, and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in attendance. David Matters, Assistant General Secretary of the CPA, led the CPA delegation.

The first day of Congress was marked with speeches, reports, and the election of the Central Committee and its office-bearing positions. Opening the Congress, Katjoesja Buissink, Chair of the Central Committee, remarking on the absence of New Zealand Socialism, noted that the birth of the NCPA did not come “from the void, but as a result of the workers’ struggle both internationally and at home in New Zealand.” Continuing on this topic, Buissink stressed the importance of party unity by highlighting that the NCPA can “learn from both the successes and the ultimate failure of the 20th century New Zealand communist movement. It suffered from unfortunate splits that divided the movement and harmed its ability to form links with the masses. For this reason we take a position of Marxist-Leninist unity. [...] We welcome all Marxist-Leninists into the New Communist Party and seek to resolve all differences through internal, comradely debate. Small differences, particularly those centring on international issues, should not create splits, and we must always prioritise unity in the domestic situation.”