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Bill Richardson was a Governor of New Mexico.

Cuba trip/controversy

The cheapest trip reported to Cuba was a Feb. 9-10 1997 run by New Mexico Democratic Rep. Bill Richardson's administrative assistant, Isabelle Watkins. She filed a disclosure form describing the trip as free-no transportation costs, no lodging, no meals. At the time Richardson was President Clinton's choice to succeed Madeleine Albright as U.N. ambassador. He faced confirmation hearings, , by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, led by North Carolina Republican Jesse Helms, an outspoken Castro foe and author of some of the toughest Cuba-isolating legislation ever passed by Congress.

Because of the confirmation hearings, Richardson's spokesman, Stuart Nagurka, said the congressman's office was refusing to entertain questions about that Watkins trip, which she made with Richardson, and a Jan. 17-20 mission by Richardson and a House committee staff member.

On that trip, Richardson -- a Hispanic -- met Fidel Castro.

In both instances, Richardson traveled as a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence and flew on military aircraft for the trips.

Richardson's office was by far the most involved in trips to and from the island, once securing the release of three political prisoners just weeks after he sent a legislative assistant on an "educational four-day trip. . [1]

Radical Deputy Secretary

Prior to his presidency at University of Houston-Downtown, Bill Flores served as Deputy Secretary for Higher Education under Governor Bill Richardson who termed Dr. Flores as “an outstanding leader in education for the state and the country.” In 2009, Dr. Flores was named as one of the Top 100 Hispanics in America and in the Top Ten in Education. He has served as Executive Vice President and Provost, and as Interim President, at New Mexico State University, as Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Cal State Northridge, and as associate dean at Cal State Fresno.

Obama supporter

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International Women’s Peace Walk adviser

In mid-March 2015, Christine Ahn received word that Pyongyang wanted her to come to discuss the event and program. After Ahn returned from Pyongyang, she received the following confirmation from the DPRK mission to the United Nations:

This is to inform you that Pyongyang expressed its full support to the International Women’s Peace Walk. The Korean Committee for Solidarity With World Peoples, the Democratic Women’s Union of Korea, the Committee for Overseas Compatriots of Korea and other related organizations will render all necessary assistances to the event for its success. Since this is an international peace event timed in this special year marking 70th anniversary of liberation and simultaneous division of our beloved country and nation, we hope that the event will be a specially significant contribution to terminating the current status of war, replacing armistice with peace agreement, and thereby achieving permanent peace and reunification on the Korean Peninsula.

Says Ahn;

On Christmas Eve of last year, we received the best gift we could have imagined through our adviser, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, when we were informed by the U.N. Command that, upon receiving confirmation from the Republic of Korea, they would be prepared to facilitate our DMZ crossing.[2]