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Bill Martin is a Chicago activist.

New American Movement

In 1974 Bill Martin was a member of the Berkeley-Oakland chapter of the New American Movement.[1]

Mozambique Support Network

A meeting of Mozambique Support Network took place Friday, March 11, 1988 and Saturday, March 12,1988 at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, Illinois.

Attending the meeting were Roberta Washington, Co-chair (New York), Lisa Anderson (Idaho), Alan Isaacman, Co-chair (Minnesota), Damu Smith (Washington DC), Dan Murphy (Iowa), Mackie Mcleod (Boston), Geri Seese-Green (Oregon), Chris Root (Michigan), Stephanie Urdang (New York), Paul Epstein (Boston), Bassiru (Madison), Andy Epstein (Boston), Bill Martin, Anne Evens (Chicago), Sister Joanette Nitz (Detroit), Carrie Pratt (Madison), Prexy Nesbitt (Chicago), Dave Wiley (Michigan), Heather Gray (Atlanta), Ned Alpers, Otis Cunningham (Chicago)

Regrets were sent by Mike Johnson (Iowa), Kevin Danaher (California), Bill Minter, Kathy Flewellen (Washington, DC), Ruth Minter (Maryland), Kathy Sheldon and Steve Tarzynski (California), Paula Voelkel (Wisconsin), Coke McCord (New York) and Todd Hawkins (Washington), Treasurer Lisa Brock was unable to attend due to the tragic death of her mother in Ohio.[2]

Socialist Scholars Conference 1990

The Socialist Scholars Conference 1990, held September 6-8, at the Hotel Commodore, New York, included panels such as:[3]

Derrida and Marx: Contradictions and Possibilities

  • Sponsor: Radical Philosophy Association
  • Moderator: Brian Seitz
  • Arthur Lipow, Queens College
  • Nora R. Wainer, English, CUNY Graduate Center, Paper - The Equation of Derrida and Marx
  • Bill Martin, Philosophy, University of Kansas, Paper - Enlightened Socialism: Stalinism & and Prospects for Community
  • Leonard Lawlor, Philosophy, Memphis State University, Paper - Political Risks: On Derrida's Notion of Difference
  • Fred Evans, Philosophy, Lowa State University, Paper - Language and Political Agency: Derrida, Marx and Bahktin


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