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Bill (William) Arkin

Arkin has coordinated an attack on the defense budget by a group including Bertram Gross and long-time IPS activist Richard Kaufman, assistant director and general counsel of the Joint Economic Committee of Congress.

Center for Defense Information

Arkin has worked for the Center for Defense Information.[1]

Institute for Policy Studies

As at March, 1982, IPS's Arms Race and Nuclear Weapons Project was directed by Bill Arkin, who had been compiling a book of [United States] nuclear weapons data with "everything from where the bombs are stored to where weapons delivery systems are cooked up." The book was to be kept up-to-date with revisions bi-annually.[1]

In 1993 Bill Arkin was listed among "former fellows, project co-ordinators and staff" of the Institute for Policy Studies, Washington DC.[2]

European Nuclear Disarmament

According to the Zill report, Arkin was coordinator of the March 1982 European Nuclear Disarmament researchers conference in Holland; briefed END leaders on U.S. weapons developments "which affect Europe...[and] works closely with Stan Norris of Center for Defense Information and with press people from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, TheWashington Postand CBS where, at the end of February, 60 Minutes will feature a story of his on Nuclear Weapons in Europe."

In addition to taking a leadership role in the National Nuclear Weapons Freeze Conference, February 19-20, in Denver, and conducting a workshop attacking the impact of military spending on local areas, and writing a pamphlet on nuclear weapons to be distributed by the time of SSD-II, Zill reported that Arkin "is also teaching a course at the Defense Intelligence School called 'Research and Methodology: Effects of Limited Nuclear War in Europe'."[1]


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