Bilgesu Sisman

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Bilgesu Sisman

Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee

In March 2018 Bilgesu Sisman was involved with the Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee.

New Steering committee members

Northside Chicago Democratic Socialists of America March 1, 2018;

Based on the votes from last night's by-election, the four new members of the North Side CDSA Steering Committee are:
And thanks again to Colin M. Hill and all the volunteers who put in so much work to make such a smooth, efficient, and politically productive election process!
The NS CDSA Steering Committee

Northside SDA

In 2018 Bilgesu Sisman ran for Steering Committee of Northside Chicago Democratic Socialists of America.

I am an immigrant woman from Turkey who is a Philosophy graduate student and working as a teaching instructor at DePaul University. I have been living on the north side of Chicago since Fall 2013 and currently live in Lincoln Square.
I have taken part in political activism and organizing since my student years. I have been involved in organizing and participating in various campaigns, through my university’s Social Sciences Club, such as the anti-war and anti-state violence campaigns, campaigns for solidarity with workers and strikes, campaigns for defending the university space against corporate interests, as well as other social issues. Throughout my years as an activist in Turkey, I have engaged with multiple Leftist organizations such as Sosyal Savas (Social War) and Musktereklerimiz (Our Commons) without joining any officially. After college, I was a founding member of Yeryuzune Ozgurluk Dernegi (Freedom to Earth Association), a multiple-issue organization that mostly engaged with animal and environmental rights issues in Turkey. During Turkey’s 2015 General Elections, I have served as ballot box observer for People’s Democratic Party (HDP) as they campaigned for a peace settlement with Kurds in Turkey.

In 2015-2016, I was an activist for the Chicago Committee for Solidarity with Kurdistan and Rojava. In the fall of 2017, I joined the DePaul Graduate Healthcare Initiative, which is a college wide effort for getting DePaul Graduate workers university-subsidized healthcare. I am also serving as one of the labor organizers organizing the DePaul Graduate Student Association and am involved in it’s bylaws writing process. I am an active member of Chicago Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), where I am currently running for the Organizational Department Liaison position. Lastly, I organize with the Passero Dignitoso affinity group on various projects to build revolutionary socialism.
I joined DSA on November 2017 and also became a member of the Libertarian Socialist Caucus. I initiated the national LSC Community Councils Working Group, which has the purposes of reaching out to and organizing communities, as well as participating in community formations that are already present, through working with or developing popular Neighborhood Assemblies, and facilitating the establishment of a democratic federation of assemblies and councils at the local level. As part of this effort, we are working with Centro Autonomo (Albany Park) with a proposal to be a partner in the establishment of the Chicago Federation of Councils.

My personal political vision has been very much influenced by the Kurdish Liberation Movement, for which the liberation of people, liberation of women and the liberation of the earth all follow the struggle for the destruction of capitalism and the bourgeois state. That is why my primary organization goal is to follow a similar democratic model, both on micro and macro level of politics. This is also why I would like to volunteer for the open position on the North Side Steering Committee and offer my time for building and strengthening a DSA as a fully democratic organization, and ultimately the movement in the United States for Democratic Socialism, from the ground up.