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Betty Chaka is an Ohio activist. She is the widow of Ed Chaka.

State treasurer

In the 1950s, Betty Chaka was state treasurer of the Ohio Communist Party.[1]

Birthday greetings to Gus Hall

The following contributors to the World 1996 Fund Drive sent birthday greetings to Gus Hall, national chair, Communist Party USA. People's Weekly World, 21 December, 1996 - Betty Chaka.

Backing the PWW

In January 1998 fourteen Ohio labor leaders, headed by Dick Acton, vice president of the Ohio AFL-CIO, sent a letter to their contemporaries urging their financial support of the Communist Party USA's People's Weekly World. The letter, which was sent to 50 labor leaders in the Cleveland area of Northeast Ohio said the World "tells our story and unhesitatingly takes our side. It was there when we needed it and now it needs is."


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