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Betsy Hodges (left) with Mara Glubka (right)

Betsy Hodges served as the 47th mayor of Minneapolis. A member of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, she represented Ward 13 on the Minneapolis City Council from January 2006 until January 2014. Hodges was reelected to the city council in the 2009 Minneapolis municipal elections.

Hodges won the 2013 Minneapolis mayoral election and was inaugurated on January 2, 2014. She ran for reelection in 2017, but lost to Jacob Frey, and left office on January 2, 2018.

Encourages Hate Crime Reporting

In a Facebook Post[1] dated June 19, 2017, Betsy Hodges encouraged people to report "hate crimes:"

"Becoming One Minneapolis means advancing our commitment to human rights and racial equity for everyone in our city. As part of that commitment, the City is working with a number of partners to make sure more people have the tools they need to take action if they experience harassment based on prejudice of any kind. Our new hate crime hotline is one of those tools.
"Hate has no place in Minneapolis. We’re all working toward a day when crimes based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender or gender identity are a thing of the past, but until we reach that day, we’ll continue to provide resources to help people address these issues.
"If you or someone you know is the target of a hate crime, please don’t hesitate to call the hotline at 612-673-3000.

Guest Speaker with Keith Ellison

Betsy Hodges Keith Ellison

Betsy Hodges was a guest speaker with Keith Ellison at a meeting hosted on December 17, 2014 by Andrew Johnson, Ilhan Omar and Suzanne Murphy.[2]

Please join us to celebrate a wonderful year full of wins and support the work of CM Andrew Johnson.

With guest speakers:

And special guests:

And co-hosts: Ruhel Islam - Eric Day and Patty Day - Dustin Denison & Jessica Ward-Denison - Tony Scallon - Melissa Hysing - Gerry Tyrrell & Kevin Reuther - Ron Harris - Steven Clift - Ilhan Omar - Bill Emory - Suzanne Murphy - Russ Rooster Henry - Eric Ferguson & Hellen J. Ferguson - Ethan Fawley - David Wakely - David Richard Gilbert-Pederson - Christian Torkelson - Siyad Abdullahi - Susy Bates

Endorsed Mark Ritchie

Betsy Hodges endorsed Mark Ritchie:[3]

Progress Minnesota

Betsy Hodges’s own biography begins in the wealthy and overwhelmingly white suburb of Minnetonka, but she quickly found her home among Minneapolis’s activist base. After moving to the city in her late 20s, she worked for several grassroots groups, including Progressive Minnesota, the precursor to TakeAction Minnesota. She later served two terms in the City Council, but remained loyal to her organizer roots. “We started together,” says Dan McGrath, who leads TakeAction Minnesota. “Her focus on racial equity is informed by the work she did with people’s organizations.”[4]

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