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Northern Indiana DSA members

Northern Indiana Democratic Socialists of America July 25, 2018:


Lee Gloster, Becca Burton, Sarah Lorene Knowlton, Tim Huser, Oliver James Davis, Jr., Tony Flora right.


Northern Indiana Democratic Socialists of America


Dear Friends, Northern Indiana DSA activist Becca Burton has been elected as an at-large delegate to the DSA national convention. But she is a worker which means that she needs our solidarity to help get her to Atlanta. It is very important that socialism in Northern Indiana is represented at this convention so we are appealing to everyone who has joined, supported or "liked" DSA to contribute to her travel fund. Please donate through the PayPal listed below. If we get more than is actually needed the money will be used to spread socialism in our region. And with crises in housing,unemployment, health care, and education-and with racism and sexism adding to the economic crisis-we really need it. Paul Mishler.

Northern Indiana DSA Closed Group


Members of the Northern Indiana Democratic Socialists of America Closed Facebook Group, accessed October 15, 2017, included Becca Burton.[1]