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Bean Blackett is a Miami Florida activist.


In March 2017 Bean Blackett was contact for the South Florida Democratic Socialists of America Organizing Committee.[1]

Amendment 4

Miami Democratic Socialists of America, November 6 2018:


We out here early getting out the word for Amendment 4! Today’s the day! #amendment4 #yeson4 #democracy4all — with Lily Ostrer, Karina Buhler, Laura Estefania Munoz Quinones and Bean Blackett.

Celebrating the passage of amendment 4

Tomas Kennedy December 2 2018:


Miami DSA electoral working group celebrating the passage of amendment 4. #TrySocialism. — attending Miami DSA Amendment 4 Celebration with Matias Buchhalter, Karina Buhler and Bean Blackett at North Shore Open Space Park.

Statement on Danny Fetonte


South Florida Democratic Socialists of America, August 7, 2017;

The South Florida DSA delegation to #DSACon17 have issued a statement regarding #DSA NPC member Danny Fetonte Democratic Socialists of America.[2]

On August 6th 2017 the roster of the new DSA National Political Committee for the next two years was announced. It has since come to our attention (click here) that a newly elected member of the NPC, Danny Fetonte has worked as an field representative for CLEAT (Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas), a police union. Regrettably, he made no effort prior to his election to disclose this to the membership or disavow his work in this capacity, thus subverting the democratic process.
Police unions have long functioned as organs that help law enforcement to systematically violate the rights of others (particularly the poor, people of color, LGBTQ+, immigrants, sex workers, organized workers, and workers trying to organize). They have been instrumental in advocating for “Officer Bill of Rights” legislation which specifically places police officers above the law, and allows them to kill, injure, jail, and terrorize us with impunity. DSA as an organization has resolved to stand against this type of state oppression in service of capital, which regularly destroys lives in our communities and has impacted many comrades within DSA itself.
We cannot in good conscience claim to be a truly socialist organization if we allow ourselves to be lead by an individual who has neither been transparent nor remorseful about his role in this work. We the undersigned are left with no recourse but to unequivocally demand that he resign or be removed from the NPC effective immediately. We cannot consider ourselves comrades with police collaborators.
In Resolute Solidarity,

Miami Democratic Socialists of America

Miami Democratic Socialists of America initial leadership, August 2017.


DSA Sunshine Solidarity Irma Relief Planning

DSA Sunshine Solidarity Irma Relief Planning is a Florida Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group.

A place for Florida DSA Chapters and OC's to coordinate statewide effort for Hurricane Irma planning and relief.[3]


Roxanne Palmer, Bean Blackett, Leslie Love, Caity Blake, Star Fae, Heath Horne, Dara Hill, Kyle Kern, Nico Blue, Brad Brevard, Rachel Ochs-Mejia, PA Rao, Kara Rose Leigh.

DSA National Climate & Environmental Justice Working Group

Members of the DSA National Climate & Environmental Justice Working Group closed FB page, as of August 30, 2017 included Bean Blackett.