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Bazta Arpaio was established in 2016 in Phoenix to remove Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio from office.

Leading activists

Largest GOTV canvassing in Arizona’s history

October 2016, former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said she wasn’t concerned about the Latino vote in Arizona, saying Latinos “don’t get out and vote. They don’t vote.”

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Bazta Arpaio — the group organizing to end the troubled career of the beleaguered Maricopa County sheriff — recruited more than 500 volunteers from all over the country to knock on more than 13,000 doors over the weekend.

According to organizers, it was the largest GOTV canvassing in Arizona’s history.

“200,000 Latinos have turned 18 since Arpaio’s last election. Arizona is at a tipping point,” Alejandra Gomez, leader and activist with the Bazta Arpaio, said during a conference call before the canvassing.

“This political shift happened by organizing our community to reclaim our state.”

Arpaio’s polling and standing in the state has never been worse. A recent poll has him trailing his Democratic opponent, Paul Penzone, by nearly 15 points.

Further polling shows that the mass deportation and border wall stances favored by both Arpaio and his Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, are overwhelmingly unpopular with Maricopa County voters, and Arizona voters overall.


Fighting Trump

Bazta Arpaio, the multi-racial, multi-generational campaign launched August 2016 with the objective of voting the former sheriff out of office, is continuing to fight back against racism and xenophobia by taking aim at the man who pardoned Arpaio. “We defeated Sheriff Arpaio. We put him behind us. In the same way, we will defeat Donald Trump,” said Carlos Garcia, a board member of Bazta Arpaio and the executive director of Puente Arizona, a grassroots migrant justice organization, said during a press conference August 2017 in response to Trump’s pardon.


According to Garcia, by pardoning, and praising Arpaio as a “worthy candidate” with “years of admirable service,” Trump has tied himself with the former sheriff’s legacy of white supremacy in Maricopa County. “It sends an approval of racial profiling and white supremacy... It rubber-stamps that he’s the white supremacy president. It sends a message that the sheriff and police are above the law and can ignore the courts and do with our community as they wish.”

“Trump’s pardon has emboldened Arpaio,” says Viridiana Hernandez, executive director of the Center for Neighborhood Leadership and a board member of Bazta Arpaio. “He said he’s considering running. He said a judge should consider taking away his conviction. All this shows is that he has no remorse. He does not care about what he did.”

Bazta Arpaio – a group of thousands of community members, with Garcia, Hernandez and Alejandra Gomez, co-director of Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), making up the board – already has actions planned in Phoenix.

On Wednesday, hundreds of community members will demonstrate outside of the Phoenix City Council Chambers in response to police violence against protestors at an August 22 Trump rally that Puente Arizona described as “alt-right, fascist and white supremacist.” During the counter-demonstration, officers used teargas to disperse thousands of protesters outside of the Phoenix Convention Center where Trump spoke.

The people of Maricopa County are ready to continue the resistance, and to take it to a larger scale. They’re prepared to work with people outside of Arizona and take on Trump through direct action and electoral work. “Trump showed us who he is,” Garcia says, “that he’s another Arpaio, and by doing that he helped broaden our community of struggle and resistance.”[7]

Bazta Arpaio activists

Bazta Arpaio October 13, 2016

Starting today, Maricopa County voters have ballots in hand. Help us get-out-the-vote by signing up for a shift.


Text Bazta 33888 to find the closest canvass to you

Or visit us at the Bazta Arpaio office, 1939 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85009... See More — with Chris Fleischman, Ken Chapman, Stanford Prescott, Viridiana Hernandez, Carlos Garcia, Tania Unzueta, Ben Laughlin, Orlando Arenas, Devin Fleenor, Francisca Porchas, Heidi Hess, Erika Andiola, Vikter Medina, Diane Ovalle, Erika Ovalle, Ma Cruz Ramirez, Ramon Aquino, Maria RVarela, Lucia Raiz, Leidy Robledo, Norma Jimenez, Abril Gallardo, Maxima Guerrero, Diego Lozano and Parris Ashley Wallace.


Marisa Franco, November 8, 2016 near Phoenix, AZ. ·

  1. baztaarpaio — with B. Loewe, Tania Unzueta, Carlos Garcia, Bob LaVenture, Neidi Dominguez, Lucia Raiz, Maria Castro, Caitlin Elly Breedlove, Ken Chapman, Francisco Luna, Nora Rasman and Randy Parraz.

Bazta Arpaio October 21, 2016;


Day 1 of this POWERFUL weekend! People from across the country started to arriving to join this historic moment in Arizona, we the people are saying #BaztaArpaio. Join us tomorrow for the LARGEST CANVASS EVER AGAINST ARPAIO!

  1. BaztaArpaio

Event link here: — with Nora Rasman, Caitlin Elly Breedlove, Maria Castro, Chris Fleischman, Paulina Helm-Hernandez and Orlando Arenas.