Bay Area New Priorities Campaign

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Bay Area New Priorities Campaign was set up to pressure Congress into cutting military expenditure in favor of social programs. Many of the key leaders of the campaign have been affiliated with the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.


Organizing to Redirect Resources from the Pentagon to Our Communities

  • End the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Redirect the Pentagon Budget to our domestic needs
  • Increase taxes on the rich, banks, oil and other corporations
  • Invest in our Communities, our Nation’s Infrastructure and Social Needs to Create Jobs in a Peaceful Economy


  • Gather the signatures of many thousands of Northern Californians who agree with these priorities;
  • Obtain the endorsement of these priorities by many Northern California community, religious, and labor organizations.
  • Use these signatures and endorsements to persuade City Councils in Northern California to support these priorities;
  • Seek commitment of the Northern Californian Congressional Delegation to advance these priorities.

Initiating signers

Elected Officials Who Endorse the Campaign

Accessed August 2011;[2]

Members of Congress





Alameda County

Peralta Community College District

AC Transit Board

Board of Education

San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Organizations endorsing the campaign

As of August 2011;[3]