Barbara Maggiani

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Barbara Maggiani

Barbara Maggiani lives in Key West, Florida.


Studied Physician Assistant at MCP Hahnemann University.

Frontline photographer

In 1983, the listed photographers of Line of March's Frontline included Barbara Maggiani.

Gay March on Washington


Assisting Rose Appleman's coverage of the March for Lesbian and Gay Rights, were Judy Berelsen, Melinda Paras, Linda Kahn, Ellen Kaiser Photographers were John Jackson, Barbara Maggiani, Totoy Rocamora, Janette Ripley.


Frontline August 15 1988

Neal Cassidy, Barbara Maggiani, John Jackson, Shirley Nagai, Janette Ripley, Totoy Rocamora photographed the 1988 Jesse Jackson campaign for Frontline.

LOM Gay and Lesbian Conference

The invitation list for a mid '80s Line of March gay and lesbian conference included these names;

  • Barbara Maggiani - San Francisco.