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Barbara Byrd is the Secretary-Treasurer of the Oregon AFL-CIO and a member of the American Federation of Teachers Local #2277. Her AFL-CIO responsibilities include overseeing economic development, workforce training and green jobs/climate change issues. She coordinates the activities of the Oregon Apollo Alliance, which is housed at the Oregon AFL-CIO. Barbara also teaches in the AFL-CIO’s Leadership Institute. She worked with community groups and unions to help craft a Community Workforce Agreement for the City of Portland’s pilot residential weatherization program, Clean Energy Works, and she was involved in the effort to have Portland designated a pilot site for the Emerald Cities program. About two years ago, Barbara helped to organize a Western regional labor group, including heads of the labor federations from the Western US and British Columbia, to push labor’s agenda with the Western Climate Initiative. In December, 2010, Barbara attended the United Nations Climate Change Convention in Copenhagen, Denmark, as part of the official US labor delegation. Barbara also serves as a faculty member of the Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) at the University of Oregon in Portland, where she teaches workshops and classes for union activists and leaders, including grievance handling, leadership skills, and internal organizing. She also oversees LERC’s green jobs and climate change work. Recently, she and her colleagues have been conducting labor and climate training sessions around the state, attempting to mobilize greater labor participation in the state climate policy arena Barbara has a Masters Degree in Labor Studies and a Ph.D. in Adult Education.[1]

LNS Board

Labor Network for Sustainability board, July 2018;[2]