Atlee McFellin

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Atlee McFellin

Template:TOCnestleft Atlee McFellin Founder at Inge's Place, works at The Symbiosis Center LLC Cleveland, Ohio.

Early radicalism

Atlee McFellin, was in 2006 a 23 yo 2001 Lakeview High graduate, a one-semester student of Western Michigan University, an Albion College graduate and also is heavily involved in several Leftist organizations in the area, including the Kalamazoo Peace Center, the Progressive Community Alliance of Kalamazoo, United Students Against Sweatshops, the Kalamazoo Homeless Action Team and more. In February, he helped found the Michigan Peace Network, which is “a collection of about fifty peace and justice organizations around the state.” McFellin was almost unbelievably informed and involved in just about everything. He’s even had contact with original members of the Students for a Democratic Society, or SDS, which was one of the main proponents of the Free Speech Movement/Anti-Vietnam War movement of the 60s. All of McFellin’s various associations are very active and only gaining momentum as the November elections and even the 2008 presidential race nears.[1]

Left Forum 2009

Politics of the Contemporary Student Left: Hope and Failures: