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  1. REDIRECT Arturo Perez, Chicago activist

Arturo Perez

Venceremos Brigade

In 2004, the 35th Venceremos Brigade arrived in Santiago de Cuba on July 4, for a week of work, meetings and travel in the eastern part of Cuba. In Santiago they stayed at the Abel Santamaria School, where they helped to renovate the school building, as well asmone other school in the province. Among their activities have been meetings with members of the Women's Federation of Cuba and with Cuban veterans who fought against Apartheid South Africa; Brigade members been named welcomed as "Distinguished Visitors" by Santiago city officials.

Arturo Perez, 34, from New York City, says[1];

I am participating in this travel challenge because the current law is unjust. It degrades humanity. It hinders progress. Since I am fully cognizant of the blockade [against Cuba] and its direct effects on the Cuban people, I want to see for myself how

this socialist country is solving problems. I am eager to see a society that is based on human need and not corporate greed."