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April Taylor

Template:TOCnestleft April V. Taylor is a Lexington Kentucky activist.

CCDS friend

In 2015, April Taylor was a "friend" of Lexington Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism She attended the Black Lives Matter conference. [1]

Stand Up Louisville


April Taylor July 29, 2015; With Jonathan Lykes, Charlene Carruthers, Ashley Yates, Chaz Briscoe, Osagyefo Sekou, Della V. Mosley, Temperance Brennen, Zakiya Sankara-Jabar, Jacqui Bolden, Ash-Lee Henderson, Maurice Moe Mitchell, Erika Totten, Chanelle Helm, De Nichols, Jacqui Germain, Tara Pruitt, Ashley B. Sunshine, Alisha Sonnier, Malkia Cyril, Enchanta Ma'at Jackson, Ashe Helm-Hernandez, Opal Ayo, Sistufara W. Muhammad, Stand Up Sunday- Stand Up Louisville and Stop Mass Incarceration Network KY.

Lexmark campaign

Kentucky Workers League December 17, 2015 near Lexington, KY, United States ·

Kentucky Comrades! Share this far and wide and bring a friend Monday!

Meanwhile, check out a livestream press conference at 2 p.m. EST by the organizers in Juarez and El Paso :
For more information on the situation check out our local organizing event:

With Jordan Mazurek, Sarah Williams, Latasha Benton, Genoveva Segura, April Taylor, Donna Aros, Jylda Hernandez, Quentin Savage, Jesus Gonzalez, Janet Tucker, Gary Brice, Susana Prieto Terrazas, Steve Pavey, Kishonna Leah Gray-Denson, Miguel Juarez and Chanelle Helm.