Anton Bueckert

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Anton Bueckert

Anton Bueckert of Ontario, "was charged with two felony counts of obstructing the legal process and use of tear gas, and third-degree riot, a gross misdemeanor. A state trooper had his thumb broken during Bueckert’s arrest."

Bueckert is the son of the late Dennis Bueckert, the Canadian Press envirionmental and health policy reporter.[1]

Anti-Trump Protest

Anton Bueckert was one of eight individuals arrested on "felony rioting charges" at a pro-Trump rally on March 6 2017 at the Minnesota State Capitol.[2] Chairperson of the Council of Canadians Maude Barlow tweeted[3] in "solidarity" with Anton Bueckert.

Anton Bueckert was arrested on disorderly conduct charges. Jonathan Adams, Linwood Woody Kaine, Glenn Kimball, Isabell Kimball, Starr Vann-Jackson and Haley Ryan were arrested.[4]

Francis Sagermerek, 29, of St. Paul "is charged with use of tear gas, and third-degree riot."[5]