Anton Bueckert

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Anton Bueckert

Anton Bueckert of Ontario, "was charged with two felony counts of obstructing the legal process and use of tear gas, and third-degree riot, a gross misdemeanor. A state trooper had his thumb broken during Bueckert’s arrest."

Bueckert is the son of the late Dennis Bueckert, the Canadian Press envirionmental and health policy reporter.[1]

Support from Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

Anton Bueckert received "solidarity" from the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression and called on the Canadian government to "provide immediate consular support" to him.:[2]

"The Council of Canadians joins with Canadian Journalists for Free Expression to say that the Trudeau government should provide immediate consular support to Bueckert, that it should investigate allegations of inhumane conditions experienced by Bueckert during his transportation from the border crossing to Alabama [where he is awaiting extradition to Minnesota] and ensure that the charges against him are not politically motivated."

Anti-Trump Protest

Anton Bueckert was one of eight individuals arrested on "felony rioting charges" at a pro-Trump rally on March 6 2017 at the Minnesota State Capitol.[3] Chairperson of the Council of Canadians Maude Barlow tweeted[4] in "solidarity" with Anton Bueckert.

Anton Bueckert was arrested on disorderly conduct charges. Jonathan Adams, Linwood Woody Kaine, Glenn Kimball, Isabell Kimball, Starr Vann-Jackson and Haley Ryan were arrested.[5],[6]

“A Minnesota State Trooper observing the crowd from the west staircase saw Bueckert spray several people with tear gas. Bueckert then ran up the stairs to the second floor. About 30 seconds later, the trooper saw Bueckert “run back down the stairs, pushing through the crowd and punching people at the bottom of the stairs.” The trooper grabbed Bueckert and placed him under arrest. Bueckert resisted the arrest and the trooper later discovered he suffered a broken thumb from the struggle.”

Francis Sagermerek, 29, of St. Paul "is charged with use of tear gas, and third-degree riot."[7]