Anthony Cody

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Anthony Cody

Anthony Cody is a former Science Teacher/Coach at Oakland Unified School District. Lives in Willits, California.

He is the brother of Nora Cody, Celia Cody and Martha Cody, and son of Pat Cody and Fred Cody.


Studied at UC Berkeley

Unity staff writers/researchers

In 1990 staff writers/researchers for Unity, newspaper of the League of Revolutionary Struggle included Wilma Chan, Anthony Cody, Karega Hart, Denise Imura, Amanda Kemp, Stacey Leyton, Eva Martinez, John Martyn, Yuri Miyagawa, Frank Ogletree, Nic Paget-Clarke, Peter Saltzman, Peter Shapiro, Andy Wong, Bernice Wuethrich.

In 1992 staff writers/researchers for Unity, newspaper of the Unity Organizing Committee included Brendan Carroll, Anthony Cody, Lucky Gutierrez, Karega Hart, Amanda Kemp, Eva Martinez, Yuri Miyagawa, Juan Montemayor, Frank Ogletree, Nic Paget-Clarke, Tom Ryan, Peter Saltzman, Peter Shapiro, Denise Teraoka.