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Annie Day

Annie Day is a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Posted on Facebook

Annie Day on Facebook October 29 2017

On October 29 2017, Annie Day shared the REFUSE FASCISM protest listing.[1]

2016 Campus Tour

Annie Day accompanied Sunsara Taylor and Revolutionary Communist Party comrade Carl Dix "on a national tour of college campuses with a goal of recruiting revolutionaries and overthrowing the government."[2]

Excerpt from the Press Release:[3]

"A real revolution must aim to emancipate all of humanity—not just reforming but getting rid of this monstrosity of a system of capitalism-imperialism, and replacing it with a radically different economic, political, and social system, a genuine socialist society aiming for a world without social divides and exploitation and oppression, a genuinely communist world."

"Not a Pacifist"

Sunsara Taylor and Annie Day speak at NYU in February 2010

In February 2010, Sunsara Taylor and Annie Day spoke at New York University. In an article titled "Sunsara Taylor Kicks Off Feminist Lecture Tour At NYU, Wants You To Join Communist Party,"[4] the author described how the Revolutionary Communist Party was willing to engage in violence.

"Sunsara Taylor and the moderator Annie Day spoke with cult-like reverence for party Chairman Bob Avakian, whom they would purportedly like ‘holding office’ and whom they credited with conceptualizing these particular theories. Between Taylor’s speech and the Q&A staff sent around collection baskets, just like in Church, for donations to support her tour, and the goals of the RCP.
"While the premises in Taylor’s argument all seemed logically supported by one another, the nature of this Marxist ‘revolution’ remained in question. I asked the moderator Annie Day whether, though their campaign was against violence, they intended to stage a violent or non-violent revolution. Her response: violent. So, would there be bloodshed?
“'Revolution is a serious business. This is not just the frustrations of individuals. We are not pacifists. So to answer your question, yes,' Day said.
"The most mind-blowing part of this whole event was realizing that by 'revolution' they mean that they are willing to kill people. I left thinking, 'Holy shit, I was just in a room full of people who are willing to murder to accomplish their goals,' but I think their point is, you can say the same thing after leaving a room full of capitalists or people who are pro-war. And like all communist dreams, once their temporary period of violence is over, ideally, that would be the end to all violence forever. This is of course assuming that the Revolutionary Communist Party spreads its power over the entire world. And this is where it starts to look like the RCP has hijacked the feminist agenda to further its own will to power, which, again, they do not hide."


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