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Anne Zill

Anne Broderick Zill is a Portland Maine activist. She is involved in the University of New England Art Gallery, Center for Ethics in Action, Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press.

She previously worked for the Stewart Mott Foundation.

Art and activism

In 2001, Anne Zill stood side by side with U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to celebrate a women’s exhibition at the United Nations that she helped curate.

March 2011, Anne Zill was in Paris to curate an exhibition of photography by American women artists. The show, in celebration of Women’s History Month, is arranged by the educational and cultural arm of the United Nations: the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO.

The show was titled “Women at Work, Women’s Lives.”

Zill is best known in Maine art circles as director of the University of New England Art Gallery in Portland. She also is president of the nonprofit Center for Ethics in Action at UNE, and has spent much of her professional life working to improve the lives of women. One way or another, she has managed to blend her interests over the course of a long and productive career in ethics, advocacy and the arts.

“I love it when I am able to get the various streams of endeavors in my life working together to complement everything I do,” said Zill.

Zill will moderate a symposium in Paris with three of the photographers who have work in the exhibition, including Maine artist Barbara Goodbody. Joining them will be author and photographer Paola Gianturco and Donna DeCasare, a University of Texas professor and Fulbright Fellow.

They will discuss their work as artists, and how and why they focus their efforts on women’s lives. They will talk about their approach, technique and how they choose their subjects.

The show in France is the third time Zill has worked with a United Nations organization. In 2000 and again in 2001, she partnered with the U.N.’s Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, also known as UNIFEM. That’s when she made her acquaintance with U.N. Secretary-General Annan.

“The exhibitions were very well received,” Zill said. “We were showing the progress of women since the fourth Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. Our exhibitions featured art by women. Last year, 15 years after the Beijing conference, we explored the possibility of doing another exhibition that would look at the progress of women since the earlier exhibitions.[1]

Institute for Policy Studies

Anne Zill was a member[2]of the Institute for Policy Studies 20th Anniversary Committee, which organized an April 5, 1983, reception at the National Building Museum, Washington DC attended by approximately 1,000 IPS staffers and former staff. ACEWA's newsletter, East-West Outlook, which was edited by Carl M. Marcy carried articles promoting extreme scare concepts such as that any use of nuclear weapons will bring total extinction of all life on earth and that it was therefore the responsibility of Americans to take the initiative in getting rid of nuclear weapons.

American Committee on East-West Accord

American Committee on East-West Accord (ACEWA)'s influence in the business and academic community is shown in a report on U.S. peace organizations prepared for potential donors in January 1982 by Anne Zill of the Stewart Mott Foundation.

Anne Zill wrote:

"In the late April to early May period, the Committee will have its annual meeting at some point when George F. Kennan, John Kenneth Galbraith, Don Kendall (Pepsi Cola) and Bob Schmidt (Control Data) can all attend. They will again discuss the... Kennan proposal and will hear from some high ranking government official, possibly off the record. The Committee does have to be careful about taking positions that would cause its conservative members to resign."

The Zill report noted that ACEWA had received two years of funding from the Ford Foundation for a series of meetings with all the former ambassadors to the Soviet Union, however curiously it was stated of the meetings, "these probably won't be publicized."

A project being run in 1982 was the production of 60-second radio spots for broadcast during morning and evening "drive-time" periods. Zill reported these would vary in approach "from a soft sell approach (we all have common interests, don't we) to hard sell (do you know the Soviets have two aircraft to [our] 14)." Mark Lewis, formerly with the U.S. Information Agency, Zill reported, was working on the radio spots and "monies have been received to date from the Rockefeller Brothers and the Ruth Mott Fund."[3]

Women for a Meaningful Summit

In 1989 Anne Zill served on the Board of Directors of Women for a Meaningful Summit.

Maine Women's Fund

The Maine Women's Fund, was founded circa 1990. Founding board members included Margot Milliken, Destry Oldham-Sibley, Mary Hillas, Jean Evans, Ellen Wells, Nancy Herter, Phoebe Whipple, Deborah Johnston, Jacquelin Libby, Carol Ward, Minnette Cummings, Nancy Anderson, Geraldine Dorsey, Tracy Booth, Beth Edmonds, Lucinda Lang, Gloria Milliken, Marjorie Phyfe, Anne Zill.[4]

Maine Initiatives

Maine Initiatives, is "a progressive community foundation, is a network of individuals supporting greater social, economic, and environmental justice in Maine through informed, intentional, and collective philanthropy".

Advisors include Karin Anderson, Michael Barndollar, Elena Brandt, Brownie Carson, Elaine Cinciva, Chuck Collins, Al Crichton, Deborah Curtis, Joel D. Davis, Maureen Drouin, Janet Henry, Michael Herz, R. Stephen Jenks, Meredith Jones, Lincoln Ladd, Jonathan Lee, Donald G. Myer, Janet O’Toole, Chellie Pingree, Hannah Pingree, Pamela Plumb, Andy Robinson, Neil Rolde, Sharon L. Rosen, Christopher Saint John, Scott Schnapp, Janet Schrock, Bill Vandenberg, Lee Webb, Anne Zill.[5]


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