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Anna Brennan is a Rhode Island activist.

Providence DSA comrades

Providence Democratic Socialists of America September 14, 2017;


Hi! We're socialists, and we're not going away. 🍞🌹 — with Michael Gsovski, Sean Monahan, Emma Boast, Dan Quayle, Cathy Huang, Jennifer Pearce, Colin Morgan, Bruce Borowsky, Alex Loehrer, Camilla Hyades, Camilo Vive, Alexis Schuette, Chris Josephson, Frank Cardillo, Samantha Ellis, K. Louise Miller, Tyler Theus, Thea Riofrancos, Jon Lewis, Michael Barsana, Matt Ellis, Marley-Vincent Lindsey, Joey DiZoglio, Maia Reumann-Moore, Jeffrey Feldman, Alison Fisher and Paul Rakotoarisoa.

Providence Democratic Socialists of America, November 4, 2017;


We just wrapped up an ⚡️electrifying⚡️ working group session at the George Wiley Center, where we had a great turnout and an incredibly productive conversation about our plan to take on National Grid and achieve utilities justice for the people of Rhode Island. Interested in getting involved but couldn't make it today? Sign up here:

— with Matt Henry, Michael Gsovski, Jennifer Siciliano, Alison Fisher, Camilo Vive, Paul Rakotoarisoa, Chloe Chassaing, Alex Loehrer, Bruce Borowsky, Cathy Huang, Joanne McDade Borodemos, Sean Monahan, Colin Morgan, Daniel Denvir, Aaron Regunberg, Thea Riofrancos, Jennifer Pearce, Anna Brennan and Benjamin Branchaud.