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Ann Montague, second from right

Ann Montague is a Willamette Reds blogger.[1]

She has been an activist in the Oregon Public Employees Union (SEIU Local 503) serving as a bargaining delegate, steward, local officer, and member of the local's Board of Directors. She initiated, developed, and implemented the first SEIU stewards training program on lesbian/gay discrimination in the workplace.[2]

Civil rights meeting

The Civil and Human Rights Committee of SEIU Local 503, Oregon Public Employees Union sponsored and hosted a talk by Local 503 retiree activist Ann Montague, union organizer Bob Novick, and Communist Party USA Vice Chair Jarvis Tyner, on Friday, August 8, 2008, in Portland, Oregon.

Sixty-three people attended the talk, which was held at the Portland 503 union hall. The crowd was overwhelmingly working class, with many participants coming from SEIU, AFT, CWA, Teamsters and other unions. People came from as far away as Eugene and Corvallis to attend.

The forum was held to reflect on past civil rights struggles and to tie them to the present political moment. The panel featured three slightly different perspectives on the past and on the Obama candidacy. Ann Montague's talk focused on Bayard Rustin and the mid-sixties civil rights movements and gay liberation. Bob Novick discussed what movements are and discussed social movements as a mixture of politics and community. He emphasized direct democracy and did a history of 1968 for us, reaching back to the 1930s and 1940s to develop his themes. Jarvis Tyner focused on the history-making March on Washington and on how that march changed his life. He tied the movement around the March to what is happening now and emphasized how the movement for change is bigger and broader than the movement to elect Barack Obama.[3]