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Anita Wheeler

Template:TOCnestleft Anita Cherise Wheeler is a former Maryland activist. She is the daughter of Tina Wheeler, and Morgan Wheeler.[1]

She is married to Derrick Plummer. She was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Spelman College Greater Atlanta Area.[2]

She is now an Assistant professor at Howard University. Lives in Washington DC.


Anita Cherise Wheeler is a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Professor in the Global Studies Interdepartmental Program. UCLA and the African Studies Center.

She received her Ph.D. in African Studies from Howard University in Washington, DC. Her current book project, Navigating Difference: Africa and China’s Cultural and Political Geographies, comparatively examines the local, national and transnational narratives on the opportunities, challenges and ambiguities of South-South cooperation. From formal networks of diplomacy on a global scale to interpersonal encounters on a local scale, exchanges by way of small businesses, online forums, popular music, migration, language instruction and literature constitutes mutable spaces of interaction and intervention.

Her previous work focused on China’s public diplomacy and Mandarin language instruction in Kenya. In Winter 2013, she will teach a course in the Global Studies IDP on Sino-African contemporary relations with a particular focus on how culture within a transnational context influences both diplomacy and domestic policymaking. For the Spring 2013 quarter, she will teach a course on the role of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in reconfiguring the global economic and political order.[3]

Cuba visit

Tina Wheeler of Baltimore said she became involved in the movement to end the embargo on Cuba after her 16-year-old daughter, Anita, traveled to Cuba in 1997 for the 14th International Festival for Youth and Students.

"She lived there for two weeks and it was wonderful for her," Wheeler said. "She said these people are just like us and they care about the things we care about."

With old Bolsheviks

Tim Wheeler July 30 2018:


A friend, Margaret Baldridge, snapped this photo on the front porch of our house in Baltimore. On the left is George A. Meyers. In the center is our granddaughter, Anita. On the right is Fred Gaboury, then Labor Editor of the People's Weekly World. It was a birthday party for George, my dad, and for Bernie Brown, so old he had eyewitnessed the Bolshevik Revolution when he was a child in a Jewish village in the Ukraine. The Red Army arrived and called a meeting in the middle of town . They asked the inhabitants of the town to chose a leader for their Soviet. The town residents elected Bernie's mother as Chairwoman of the village Soviet.

Young Communist League

Anita Wheeler, 2001

In 1998 Anita Wheeler was a Young Communist League USA (YCLUSA) high school activist in Baltimore.[4]

In 2002 Anita Wheeler was the editor of YCLUSA magazine Dynamic.

Voices Against Violence

In October 1999, Congress was just looking for an answer to teen violence. Michael Romano of Howard County's River Hill High School had about a half-dozen answers to offer.

"I think it's awesome," Romano said after he, Western High School senior Anita Wheeler and Parkville High School senior Scott Gibson met with Rep. Benjamin Cardin, D-Baltimore, to lend their perspectives to the problem of teen violence.

The three Baltimore-area students joined 21 other Maryland students and more than 300 youths from across the country who were on Capitol Hill for the first of three days of the Voices Against Violence conference.

Hearing other points of view was helpful in understanding the causes of violence, said Hallie Baer, a junior at Rockville High School in Montgomery County.

"When you hear others' opinions you know where they're coming from," said Baer, who spent part of the day talking about the issue with Rep. Constance Morella, R-Bethesda.

In addition to Cardin and Morella, Maryland members of Congress who sponsored students at the conference were Reps. Elijah Cummings, D-Baltimore; Steny Hoyer, D-Mechanicsville; and Albert Wynn, D-Largo.

Wheeler, the student member of the Baltimore City Board of Education, said it is exciting to have Congress take an interest in youth violence prevention, because that gives the media a chance to focus on something besides the negative.

"It's hard to get the media to come to anything, but when Congress says it's important, the media shows up," said Wheeler.

Wheeler and Romano said they do not plan to let the issue end after this week. The two student leaders are among the planners for a Nov. 1 state summit on youth violence. A total of 500 students are expected at the student-led conference and State Superintendent Nancy Grasmick has been invited to attend.

"We're going to regional action plans that they can implement in their district," said Romano, who is vice president of the Maryland Association of Student Councils.[5]


Wheeler was Common Roots Youth Coordinator Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco). 2001 – 2002 (1 year)San Francisco Bay Area.[6]


Anita Wheeler was in Kunming, China, in 2009.[7]

Africa Focus

Wheeler was a Communications Volunteer Africa Focus 2011 – 2011 (less than a year).[8]

Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program

Anita Wheeler is an alumni of the Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program.[9]

Communist Party tribute

In July 2007, the Communist Party USA paper Peoples World published a tribute "We salute Joyce Wheeler" to retiring Baltimore public school teacher and Communist Party member Joyce Wheeler. Anita C. wheeler signed the tribute page. Most of the more than 100 signatories were identified Party members.[10]

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