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Angelica Hernandez

Template:TOCnestleft Angelica Hernandez is a Lufkin Texas activist. She is the partner of Ian Cox.

FRSO connection

According to Fabian Van Onzin, in Houston, Texas, over 30 students at the University of Houston participated in a protest against police brutality on Sept. 16, 2016. They began with a rally in front of the MD Anderson library on campus, with signs reading, “Black lives matter,” “End police brutality” and “Stop racist killer cops.”

After a few speeches from students, community activists and faculty members, they marched around the campus, chanting “Hey, hey, ho, ho, these killer cops have got to go,” and “Indict, convict, send those killer cops to jail, the whole damn system is guilty as hell.”

“The police in the U.S. continue to kill Black people each day and get away with it. Every week, there is another killing, and each time the police walk away without being indicted,” said Angelica Hernandez.

Hernandez continued, “From Alton Sterling to Philando Castile, from Sandra Bland to Alva Braziel, the police are murdering African Americans in every city in this country. Students for a Democratic Society demands an end to the killings, and justice for all victims of police brutality. We want to see all these racist killer cops be indicted for their crimes.”

“The cops claim to make communities safer, but they are a safety hazard. They continue to murder Black people and create an environment of fear and terror in the Black community. We demand community control of the police. Black lives matter!” said Ian Cox, of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!.

FRSO member

Lufkin, Texas - Students for a Democratic Society at Angelina College held a rally and march as part of a national day of action. They marched demanding “Education for all!” on April 13, 2016.

“We need college to be publicly funded. The U.S. government should cut money spent on the military budget, especially the military aid given to Israel,” said Ian Cox of SDS, “No one should be indebted for receiving an education. It should be considered a right.”

The students marched across campus chanting, “Drop tuition, not bombs!” and “What do we want? Free tuition! When do we want it? Now!” By the time they arrived at the final rallying point, a crowd of students had gathered.

"We need publicly-funded colleges. We must demand an end to imperialist wars and we must fight for the emancipation of all oppressed nationalities. Only a socialist revolution can ensure free education for all, an end to imperialist wars, and the liberation of all oppressed people,” said the final speaker, Angelica Hernandez of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!.[1]

FRSO school


On September 10th, 2016, thirty-five students and community members gathered from Florida and North Carolina to participate in a day school hosted by members of the Student Commission of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!). The event consisted of presentations on revolutionary theory and how students apply it to their activism.

Fern Figueroa of the FRSO opened the event saying, “Students can play a special role in uniting and organizing sectors of people by learning revolutionary theory, engaging in their own struggle on campus, and ultimately by joining history's greatest revolutionary class - the working class.”

Tampa Bay FRSO member Danya Zituni explained, “The role of the university under this capitalist system is to indoctrinate students with the ideas of the ruling class. By mobilizing students to fight, we can learn about the nature of the system we are up against and what methods are effective against it.”

Taina Pantoja, of Tampa Bay SDS said, “It’s important to understand that Marxist-Leninist theory provides us with a guide for making actual material change.”

The event ended with a speech by Tallahassee FRSO member Zachary Schultz who said, “The Day School represents a real development in the revolutionary movement among students. Students are wanting and ready to take up Marxism-Leninism, the theory of revolution. Students are learning and organizing to build the movements of oppressed nationalities and workers to overthrow the capitalists.”[2]

Those signalling their intention to attend on Wherevent included;

Taina Pantoja, Danya Zituni, Jessica Schwartz, Regina Joseph, Ionie Lopez, Yu Sun, Jade Weiss, Angelica Hernandez, Elizabeth A'ya, Sarah Owusu-Tweneboah, Marc Silverstein, Idris Aderoju, Matt Schott, Josiah Shand, Matthew Morrow, Fern Figueroa, Jon Mitchel, Collin Pelletier, Chrisley Carpio, Noah Peretz, Zachary Schultz, Albert Kishek, Jack Ling, Sam Beutler, Bill Aiman, Jerry Evans.[3]

"Stop Trump"

Ian Cox November 18, 2016 Lufkin, TX - Students for a Democratic Society at Angelina College held an anti-Trump rally on Nov. 15. Chants of “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, President Trump cannot stay!” rang out, catching the attention of other students and school administrators.

“Trump represents nothing but hate, bigotry, fear. With that in mind, we are here today to stand against the rapist Donald Trump and all the anti-people policies he brings with him,” said Katlynn Oleinik, a member of Students for a Democratic Society, who opened the event.

Angelica Hernandez, also of SDS, said “Donald Trump ran his campaign by spreading hatred and fear of the Chicano people, by scapegoating all Muslims as terrorists and by supporting imperialist interests in the Middle East and around the globe.”[4]