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Andy Wong

Andy Wong President (title) at, President (title) at AJWI. Wong has been running political campaigns since the mid-1980s. Spanning four decades he has run campaigns for propositions as well as local, state, and federal electoral races. The largest was an 18 state effort to elect Barack Obama in 2007/8 cycle. Since then he has helped flip the most red to blue Congressional races for one state (CA) and continues to run PowerPAC+'s support of candidates of color around the country. In 2018 PowerPAC+ is active in everything from District Attorney races in CA, voter engagement work in various states, and two gubernatorial races in MD and GA.

Andy owns a software company (AJW Inc.) that serves government and non-profit case management and Integrated Data System (IDS) needs. His company has been highlighted in case study books, the National League of Cities and by Harvard's Kennedy School publications. In 2017 he also launched a digital production and distribution company (KitchenTable) with former MSNBC producer Richard Stockwell. [1]


Andy Wong, co-founder of PowerPAC+ and Vote Hope, has been running political campaigns since the mid-1980s. His career began by winning a series of student government elections at San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley, UCLA and Stanford. Over the next decade he went on to run city and county campaigns in the San Francisco Bay Area, electing people of color and gay community activists to Community College Board, BART Board, School Board and the Board of Supervisors. His background in applied mathematics and computer data systems has enabled him to support numerous campaign infrastructures, including for Prop 54, targeting voters for effective campaigning by using a myriad of techniques for empowering niche constituencies.

Andy also began AJWI, a software company focused on the government and non-profit sectors, in 1998 in San Francisco. This 10-year old company has served over 50 counties in California, state agencies, foundations such as Hewlett, Haas Jr. and Packard, and supported projects in health, economic development, education, early childhood development and criminal justice. Providing software in an Application Service Provider model has helped move government and foundations into the 21st century creating new avenues for cross-agency collaboration and leveraging existing resources for better and more effective strategies. AJWI’s work is also helping standardize work in these fields that have previously demanded customized systems opening the door for greater improvements in government productivity.[2]


Studied Civil Engineering at UC Berkeley Studied Applied Math at San Francisco State University

March on Sacramento

Along with Andrew Wong, Steven Phillips was a principal organizer of the 1987 March on Sacramento that drew 8,000 people to Sacramento to support expanded educational opportunities for students of color. The March on Sacramento was the largest post-Vietnam rally in the State Capitol.[3]

Unity staff writers/researchers

In 1990 staff writers/researchers for Unity, newspaper of the League of Revolutionary Struggle included Wilma Chan, Anthony Cody, Karega Hart, Denise Imura, Amanda Kemp, Stacey Leyton, Eva Martinez, John Martyn, Yuri Miyagawa, Frank Ogletree, Nic Paget-Clarke, Peter Saltzman, Peter Shapiro, Andy Wong, Bernice Wuethrich.


In 1990 Cheryl Taylor, Stacey Leyton, and Andy Wong, Student Unity Network, contributed to the November 26 issue of Unity, newspaper of the League of Revolutionary Struggle.


In 1990 the listed Circulation Managers of League of Revolutionary Struggles' Unity were Richard Siu, Anna Whittington, Andy Wong.

Unity guest editors


Guest editors of Unity, newspaper of the Unity Organizing Committee, May 1992, were Stacey Leyton, Andy Wong and Ingrid Nava.

Vote Hope

In 2007 and 2008 Andy Wong worked with Steven Phillips and Benjamin Jealous to implement an 18 state initiative under Vote Hope that increased communities of color participation in state primaries and the federal general election in 2008.[4]

Southern Elections Fund

Southern Elections Fund, as of January 3, 2018;[5][6]


Organizing the Recovery

Organizing the Recovery: State-Based Activism on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was held at Capitol Skyline Hotel 10 “I” Street SW, Washington, DC May 10-12, 2010.[7]

Participants included Andy Wong - PowerPac Foundation.

"Plotting and planning"


Steve Phillips November 7, 2013.

With dozens of awesome leaders in the bellwether Inland Empire plotting and planning and hearing from stellar Congressman Mark Takano — with Mark Takano, Tim Silard, Andrew Wong, Ludovic Blain and Sandra Perez Gonzalez at Ontario Airport Hotel and Conference Center.

PowerPac+ Board of Directors

PowerPAC+ Board of Directors, as of 2014 included Andy Wong - San Francisco, CA Executive Director of & CEO of AJWI.[8]

Race Will Win the Race conference

PowerPAC+ June 25, 2014;

Today's the day! #WINin2014 Race Will Win the Race conference is finally here. Check out what's to come and join us on Twitter @PowerPAC_Plus using #WINin2014. — with Stacey Abrams, Cory Booker, Trey Martinez Fischer, Representative Marcia Fudge and Mark Takano in Washington, District of Columbia.[9]

Race torace.JPG

Plus speakers Aimee Allison, Deepak Bhargava, Susan Sandler, Steve Phillips, Ingrid Nava, Andy Wong, Subodh Chandra, Linda Darling-Hammond, Alida Garcia, Julie Martinez Ortega.


Andy Wong with Steve Phillips and Cory Booker. staff as of 2016;[10]

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles, CA Office

Washington, DC Office

Movement Voter Project Advisory Board

Movement Voter Project Advisory Board members, as of January 24, 2018 included Andy Wong.[11]

Sandler Phillips Center Advisory Board

Sandler Phillips Center Advisory Board, as of May 25 2018;