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Andrew Sivak is a Texas activist. Administrative Assistant at Bill Embrey Roofing, San Antonio. Previously at Time Warner Cable, West Corporation, San Antonio, Texas.


The University of Texas at San Antonio. ,

Tribute to San Antonio communists

The People's Weekly World of May 20, 2000, carried a May Day Supplement. On page B, San Antonio activists paid tribute to contributors to the "worker's cause" - all Communist Party USA members Emma Tenayuca (1916-1999), John Inman (1896-1996), Manuela Soliz Sager (1911-1996), James Sager (1902-1979), Luisa Moreno (1906-1992).

Signatories included Andrew Sivak.

Mother's Day for Joanna Stanford

2009 Mother's Day Greetings and Love to the multi-talented Joanna Stanford — now in hospice care — whose life has combined love of family with distribution of the People's Weekly World and predecessor papers, and with the struggle for a world of peace, justice, freedom, art, dance, dolls and handicrafts.

Signatories included Andrew Sivak.[1]

Communist Party MLK tribute

On January 19, 2002, the Communist Party USA newspaper, Peoples Weekly World published a signed tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr..

We salute Dr. King’s courage and vision. He saw and struggled for an America and world that can be. We pledge in his memory to work to reorder our nation’s priorities “so that the pursuit of peace will take precedence over the pursuit of war.”

Signatories included Andrew Sivak, . Almost all signatories were confirmed members of the Communist Party USA[2].

San Antonio Party member

From an October 14, 2004 San Antonio Current article, "Out of hiding" by Lisa Sorg.

On a recent Saturday evening, the local Communist Party held a meeting about the upcoming election not in a basement or secret room, but in a Mexican restaurant with big windows that let the setting sun shine in. The 10 attendees included several former and current party members, a Democrat-turned-Green, and a woman who had spent the day registering voters on behalf of Bexar County Democrats.

Party member Andy Sivak noted this scenario is reminiscent of the '30s, when the Communist Party would not unite with the Socialists to defeat Hitler. At the time, some of Hitler's opponents believed that if he won the election, conditions would disintegrate to the point where the Communists could defeat him and gain control.

"We're still better off if Democrats are in power than Republicans," Sivak said.[3]

Communist Party USA

In September 2006 the Peoples Weekly World[4]listed several members of the Texas Communist Party USA.

Andrea Greimel, Andy Sivak, Brad J, Celia Joanna Stanford, Elaine Lantz, Gene Lantz, Francisco Paco Cantu, Frank Valdez , Sheila Valdez, Hernando Martinez, Jaime Martinez, John Stanford, Paul Hill, Richard Pressman, Stewart Minor.


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