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Template:TOCnestleft Andy Piascik... lives in Bridgeport Connecticut.

As of February 14 2018, contributors to Promoting Enduring Peace flagship magazine include Medea Benjamin, Amy Goodman, Joseph Daher, Arik Ascherman, George Gantz, Joseph Gerson, Jeff Halper, Conn Hallinan, Kathy Kelly, Ralph Nader, Stanley Heller, Andy Piascik, Melinda Tuhus, and Mazin Qumsiyeh.


In 1988 Andy Piascik, was a contributor to League of Revolutionary Struggles' Unity.

"A call to build an organization for the 1990s and beyond"

Unity, January 28 1991, issued a statement "A call to build an organization for the 1990s and beyond" on pages 4 to 6.

This group was a split in the League of Revolutionary Struggle which soon became the Unity Organizing Committee.

Those listed as supporters of the call included Andy Piascik, delegate SEIU 1199 New York. .

Unity New York

According to Unity, newspaper of the Unity Organizing Committee, September 1992, Andy Piascik, a worker at the USC San Francisco Medical Center was a member of the San Francisco affiliate of the Unity Organizing Committee.

Center for Labor Renewal

In 2009 Andy Piascik was listed as an endorser of the Center for Labor Renewal[1].


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