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Andy Guthrie is a Minnesota activist.

2020-2021 Memphis DSA leadership


Memphis Democratic Socialists of America 2020-2021 Executive Committee: Co-Chairs: Jan Lentz & Michaelantonio Jones; Secretary: Baris Gursakal; Treasurer: Andy Guthrie; Social Media Coordinator: Cat Allen.

Delta Airlines rally

Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America comrade Andy Guthrie filed this report:

“Earlier in the month (April 4), we participated in a very inspiring rally at the Saint Paul Labor Center in support of two classes of unrepresented workers at Delta Airlines—flight attendants and ramp workers, including the highly exploited so-called ‘ready reserve.’ There was a huge crowd in the small but standing-room-only hall, including Delta workers, members of the International Association of Machinists (which is currently running a card campaign at Delta), other union activists, elected officials, and other supporters, including about a dozen from TC DSA. MN Nurses Association organizer Rose Roach, CD4 Congressional Representative Betty McCollum, and ramp worker Joe Evica were among the many inspiring speakers. ”[1]

Annual Meeting Agenda

Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America - Annual Meeting Agenda. Sunday, September 17, 2018.

Introductions - Honored guests: Dan Frankot, a founding member of the chapter. Barb Tilsen, songmeister. Icebreaker - “Raise your hand” icebreaker, updated membership count - chapter has quadrupled in size since November 2016.

taking volunteers - Timekeeper: Andy Guthrie. Ballot counters: Ian and ??. Stack-taker: to be determined.[2]

DSA of Iowa public Facebook group

In September 2017 Andy Guthrie was a member of the Democratic Socialists of Iowa public Facebook group.

Iowa DSA-Social/Non-Business Facebook group

In September 2017 Andy Guthrie was a member of the Iowa DSA-Social/Non-Business public Facebook group.

DSA Facebook Admin

Members of the Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook group, as of July 4, 2017, included Andy Guthrie.[3]

James Connolly Caucus

Democratic Socialists of America James Connolly Caucus closed Facebook group, accessed June 7, 2018;

Members included Andy Guthrie.


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