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Andrew Sullivan is a British born journalist and commentator. Oddly, he is frequently described as a conservative even though he supports President Barack Obama and bitterly opposed President George W. Bush. A homosexual, he is a strong supporter of same sex marriage.

Was a close friend of Keir Starmer

In These Times

Over the years, socialist journal In These Times has published the work of a wide range of noted writers, including fiction by Alice Walker and Kurt Vonnegut; reporting by Clinton speechwriter David Kusnet, former New Republic editor Andrew Sullivan, and current Salon Editor-in-Chief Joan Walsh; and political commentary by former presidential candidate George McGovern, environmentalist Sandra Steingraber, the late Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, novelists Barbara Kingsolver and Dorothy Allison, and a number of contemporary members of the House of Representatives who contribute to the magazine’s “House Call” column.

The late Sen. Paul Wellstone, one of the first subscribers to In These Times, put it this way: “Meaningful democracy cannot survive without the free flow of information, even (or especially) when that information threatens the privileged and the powerful. At a time of growing media concentration, In These Times is an invaluable source of news and information that the corporate media would too often prefer to ignore.”[1]

Tampa DSA Facebook group

Tampa Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group member in May 4 2018 included Andrew Sullivan.[2]


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