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Andrew Saturn

Andrew Saturn is an Olympia Washington activist.

Public Facebook group

Members of the Olympia Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook group, as of April 18, 2017 included Andrew Saturn;[1]

Utility District run

In 2018 Andrew Saturn, ran unsuccessfully for Thurston Public Utility District. Though Saturn was a Green Party USA member, the race was non-partisan.

I'm endorsed by the Democrats, Greens, Socialists, and many other groups. I've also out-raised my opponent 3-to-1 in normal contributions, no PAC or lobbyist money.
I'm running to move Thurston towards green, renewable energy, to keep our water clean, and to get us started on rural and municipal broadband.[2]

Socialist endorsement

Puget Sound Socialist Party June 7, 2018 ·

The Puget Sound Socialist Party is endorsing Saturn for Utility Commissioner for the Thurston County Utility District, Pos. 1!


Andrew is a co-founder of the International Workers of the World Olympia Printing Co-Op, union member, socialist, and local activist running on a platform of public broadband internet and power, environmental sustainability, living wages for workers, and breaking PSE's corporate stranglehold over Thurston County's utilities. He is running a people-powered campaign, printing recycled yard signs and not accepting campaign donations from corporate PACs.

As Utility Commissioner, Andrew would pressure PSE to shut down their coal plants and move away from fossil fuels immediately. He notes that according to the FCC, 14% of Native Americans don't have access to the Internet, an estimate which Andrew believes is very conservative, and could be addressed by leasing fiber and wireless 5G to fill this gap. In addition, one way he would address homelessness is to reduce the accompanying utility costs which can push people into housing insecurity in the first place.

We share Andrew's values of being pro-choice, recognizing white privilege/police brutality and the responsibility to dismantle both, affirming that healthcare is a human right, and supporting worker control. It is our privilege to support Andrew Saturn for Thurston County Utility Commissioner!

Socialist Party supporters

Puget Sound Socialist Party May 1 2019


Puget Sound Socialist Party tabling at May Day! — with Andrew Saturn, Chelsea Rustad and Ben Kaufman at Sylvester Park.

Gravel campaign

Andrew Saturn April 18 2019·


I've been the Web Director for Mike Gravel 2020 for about a month now. HBO's Vice News Tonight recently interviewed our campaign. Here's a quick take on the question of abolishing ICE...

Endorsing Sawant

Andrew Saturn July 6 2019


I'm proud to endorse Kshama Sawant for Seattle City Council. She has a proven track record of pushing for huge changes for working people that not only affect Seattle but trickle-down to the rest of the region, and show the entire Pacific Northwest what can be achieved.

Whether you live in Seattle or in San Francisco, please give to re-elect Kshama Sawant and enable a real champion of the 99% to continue to stand in our corner.

Former eco-socialist


Award-winning designer, leftist activist, union tech worker, and former eco-socialist political candidate writing about corruption & grift in WA state politics.

Our Revolution split

In 2017 Andrew Saturn, was an Our Revolution - Washington board member. In a King County Superior Court Filing, obtained by the Progressive Army blog, two other Our Revolution - Washington board members, Vivian Queija and Ryan Whitney, initiated legal action against Saturn, claiming he was voted off the board and thus has no authority "to unilaterally rebrand the organization or, furthermore, to claim any connection to Our Revolution - Washington".[3]


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