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Andrew Keith lives in Los Angeles, California. In a relationship with Guadalupe Gonzalez.

FRSO member


Reproductive rights rally

On June 30, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization - Los Angeles, along with Centro Community Service Organization , rallied for reproductive rights in Boyle Heights.

Andrew Keith of FRSO-LA told the crowd, “This nation's highest court has declared the right to terminate a pregnancy illegitimate.”

Juliana Castellon of Centro CSO stated, “While in California, laws are in place to safeguard the right to an abortion, my sisters in other parts of the country won’t have that protection. Chicanas won't have control over their bodies or the freedom to make decisions in the other regions of the Southwest, in Aztlan.”

Cristal Haro of Centro CSO performed an interactive art piece along with reciting an original poem called Sleeping Beauty.

Luis Sifuentes of FRSO-LA talked of the importance of getting involved and fighting for your rights.

Storm Amaro of Centro CSO, a teenage non-binary person, stated, “Roe v. Wade is used as an umbrella case that provided many rights and protections for many people.”

Diana Terreros of Freedom Road Socialist Organization - Orange County spoke about the impact this decision will have on the working class. ”

Marisol Marquez of FRSO-LA closed the event by reminding us that the United States has forcefully sterilized countless oppressed nationalities and working-class women for many years.[1]