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Andrew Hudson

Phoenix DSA

On a Saturday circa October 2017, several dozen people filed into a dimly lit Phoenix union hall with a scuffed floor. A few wore red shirts decorated with a rose emblem and a slogan: "Solidarity in the Southwest." Most were in their 20s and 30s. They picked up clipboards on their way to a folding chair.

Andrew Hudson, 30, wore a pin with the logo of the Phoenix Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a pair of clasped hands and a rose over the red-and-yellow stripes of the Arizona state flag. The group's central topic: How to encourage others to join the fastest-growing socialist organization in the U.S.

"Someone once told me that the most dangerous question in left-wing organizing is, 'Are you coming to the next meeting?'" he told the group.

"We really will not win single-payer unless these people come and canvass with us," he told the chapter members. "We’re not selling them some bunch of nonsense. This is actually the only way to do it."

Hudson, 30, is a graduate student at Arizona State University and has previously volunteered with California’s East Bay Democratic Socialists of America. He said that unlike knocking on doors to shill for a particular candidate — DSA is a political action group, not a political party — a push for single-payer health care is different. It requires listening to people and hearing their health care struggles; more often than not, he said, canvassers can relate.[1]

Phoenix DSA

Andrew Hudson, was in 2018, a 30-year-old Medicare for All organizer with Phoenix Democratic Socialists of America.[2]