Ana McNaughton

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Ana McNaughton

Inland Empire Bernie Team

Bobbi Jo Chavarria July 19 2019·


With Jacob Daruvala, Ana Gonzalez, Ana McNaughton, Gilda Gularte, Matthew Snyder, Stacey Marie Ramos, Johnny Ramos and Samuel Sukaton.

Standing for AD 40

In 2019 Ana McNaughton stood from AD 40 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

Democrat is a verb. It means learning about local issues, state bills, and federal policies. It means connecting with people in the community and building bridges and coalitions with others. It means working together to register and educate voters and creating winning strategies to accomplish common goals.

Since becoming an American citizen in 2015 I have been working tirelessly in local, state, and federal politics. In the past several years I have volunteered on a presidential campaign, helped candidates at the state level, and worked on local School Board and City Council elections.

I am running as assembly district delegate to help bring more people to the table, increase local civic engagement, and promote practices that place people and the planet first.[1]