An Interfaith Day of Prophetic Action

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An Interfaith Day of Prophetic Action image from Facebook Invitation

An Interfaith Day of Prophetic Action was a protest in favor of illegal immigration held on Thursday, April 13 2017 in Los Angeles, California. "About 300 people marched to a rally outside the old LAPD Parker Center headquarters building at 150 N. Los Angeles St., some bearing signs that read, 'All Religions Believe in Justice.'"

During the protest, 35 people were arrested "for refusing to comply with police commands after blocking the entry into Metropolitan Detention Center." All of the demonstrators were released.[1]

Facebook Invitation

Excerpts from the Facebook Invitation, which was "hosted" by Jaime Edwards-Acton and Payton Hoegh:[2]

"Join faith, community, immigrant and civil rights, worker and labor leaders on Passover and Maundy Thursday--a special and holy time of year for many people--as we gather in sacred resistance to tell ICE to stop tearing families apart!
"What: An Interfaith Day of Prophetic Action - Standing with Immigrant and Refugee Families
"When: Thursday, April 13, 10am
"Where: La Plaza United Methodist Church, 115 Paseo De La Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012
"We will march to another location for an interfaith ritual action in observance of the traditions of Passover, Maundy Thursday, and other participating faiths
"There is heightened anxiety, fear, and suffering being felt by immigrant and refugee communities throughout Southern California and the nation. Locally, families like the Avelica-Gonzalez’s have reluctantly entered into the national spotlight after witnessing their father/husband Romulo’s detention en route to school. Due to both the rhetoric and now enacted immigration enforcement practices under the current administration, many other families have experienced this separation from their loved ones, or fear that it may come at any moment.
"We will not stand idle in the face of increased, aggressive ICE enforcement wreaking havoc in our congregations, and impacting our friends, families, and neighbors. We call upon ICE to exercise their prosecutorial discretion to immediately provide relief and due process to local immigrant families affected by our current immigration system. We call on DHS and our government leaders at the highest levels of office to put a halt to the increased immigration enforcement--detentions, raids and deportations--that is creating fear and undermining public safety in our communities. We call on elected officials to work swiftly and cooperatively to enact comprehensive immigration reform, and not to divert much needed funds from communities to building a wall and creating a deportation force. At the state level, we call on the passage of critical pieces of legislation -- SB 54 (The California Values Act) and SB 6 (The Due Process for All Act) -- so that California will continue to lead the way in creating sanctuary for all -- ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all California families regardless of immigration status.
"We call on all people of goodwill to create sanctuary spaces wherever possible, and to provide radical hospitality to the immigrant and refugee community.


Demonstrators protest recent enforcement actions by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) personnel outside the ICE headquarters on downtown Los Angeles on April 13, 2017. Some three dozen people were arrested in the "Interfaith Day of Prophetic Action" demonstration.

Rev. Mike Kinman

“There is no better time than now — Holy Week — to put our faith into action by taking the risky, solidarity-filled self-giving love of Jesus into the streets to confront hatred, violence and injustice,” said the Rev. Francisco Garcia, co-chair of the Sanctuary Task Force of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.
'Among organizations participating in the demonstration and rally were Bend the Arc - Jewish Action, the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, and various other faith-based groups, immigration rights organizations and labor organizations.
"Early Thursday afternoon, about three dozen protesters who sat in the street were taken into custody, according to Guillermo Torres, a representative of the demonstrators."[3]
"ICE is an active danger to members of our community — both our community at All Saints Church and our wider communities of Los Angeles, California and the nation,” the Rev. Mike Kinman, who was arrested, said in a statement. “Its targeting of people for deportation is based on race and class. It splits up families, has communities living in fear and exacerbates the already shrinking trust between communities of color and police and government authorities.”



According to the Facebook invitation, the following people attended An Interfaith Day of Prophetic Action:

Hashtags Used

According to the Facebook invitation, the following hashtags were used:

  • SanctuaryforAll
  • ICEOutofLA
  • StopSeparatingFamilies
  • NoBanNoWallNoRaids
  • SacredResistance