Amy Brooks Gottesfeld

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Amy Brooks Gottesfeld

Amy Brooks Gottesfeld , born 1967, works in the Multilingual Pathways Department at SFUSD Curriculum and Instruction.


Amy Brooks, and Victoria Barrera of Connecticut Committee Against Repression, contributed to Unity, September 12 , 1986, the newspaper of the League of Revolutionary Struggle.

Unity correspondent

In 1989 Regional Correspondents for Unity, newspaper of the League of Revolutionary Struggle included Amy Brooks, Hartford.

Freedom Road editing help

In 1989 Elizabeth Hill was a member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization in Boston, and a member of the Boston Reproductive Rights Network (R2N2). She wrote an article in Forward Motion September 1989, page 7 with editing help from Lisa Nazzaro and Amy Brooks.



Amy Brooks, and Terry Mullings San Francisco appeared on an early '90s mailing list of activists in the Bay Area, sent to Freedom Road Socialist Organization member Mike Conan. Several of those listed were known Freedom Road Socialist Organization or Socialist Organizing Network members .

Forward Motion

Ed Hunt

In March 1993 Ed Hunt, Amy Brooks, and John Riley were guest editors of Forward Motion, journal of Freedom Road Socialist Organization.