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Amelia Blair-Smith, Carleton College | National cochair for YDSA and a member of DSA’s National Political Committee.

“Students at Carleton were dissatisfied about a lot of things, especially their working conditions on campus. Working with my YDSA chapter, I lead a campaign to raise the campus minimum wage to $15 an hour for all student and campus workers. After that, I was elected to national leadership and launched YDSA's popular College for All campaign. Since then, I've been mentoring high school and college students to start their own YDSA chapters and identify issues that are important to them, whether that be a fossil fuel divestment campaign or canvassing for Bernie Sanders.”[1]

YDSA co-chair

In 2019/2020 Kristen Cervero and Amelia Blair-Smith Young Democratic Socialists of America NCC co-chairs.[2]

YDSA conference


Amelia Blair-Smith and Kristen Cervero February 22 2020· .

2020 YDSA leadership

The Young Democratic Socialists of America NCC, 2020: