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Amanda Kondrat'yev

Amanda Kondrat'yev nee Vanderwall, is a Florida activist who attempted to start a Pensacola chapter of Democratic Socialists of America in 2015 and then again in 2019. She ran for Congress in 2016, losing to Rep. Matt Gaetz, who she was later arrested for milkshaking.

Lives in Toronto, Ontario. Married to Andreiy Andreevich Kondrat'yev.

Arrested for battery for throwing drink at Rep. Matt Gaetz

On June 1 2019, it was reported that Amanda Kondrat'yev was "charged with battery" after throwing a drink at Rep. Matt Gaetz.[1]

"A Pensacola woman who ran for Rep. Matt Gaetz’s seat was arrested Saturday and charged with battery after she threw a drink at the congressman during his “Won’t Back Down” town hall.
"Gaetz was leaving Brew Ha Ha restaurant when Amanda Kondrat'yev allegedly threw a drink at him.
"Kondrat'yev, 35, was one of several candidates running against Gaetz for Jeff Miller’s seat in 2016 before she withdrew from the race.
"Kondrat'yev is also one of four plaintiff in a lawsuit against the city of Pensacola to force the city to remove the Bayview Park cross. The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center and the Freedom From Religion Foundation filed the suit on behalf of Kondra’yev and three other Pensacola residents. One of the complainants, David Suhor, has long pushed for local governments to end the practice of opening meetings with prayer and also has called for the cross to come down.
"During the campaign, Gaetz challenged Kondrat’yev to a debate about the cross, which she accepted. The debate never happened.
"Kondrat’yev was released on a $1,000 bond."

In the wake of the incident, Amanda Kondrat'yev created a fundraiser on Facebook.[2] She wrote:

"Not sure how much court stuff costs but I was charged with Battery today for allegedly milkshaking Congressman Matt Gaetz. Funds will be used for court and related expenses unless donors specify otherwise.
"If I have extra from legal funds I will help fund local jail support for protesters. Local organizers really scrambled today. Love you all. 🤗🥤"

Facebook posts on throwing milkshakes at political opponents

Facebook post from Amanda Kondrat’yev dated May 20 2019.
Facebook post from Amanda Kondrat’yev dated May 21 2019
Facebook post from Amanda Kondrat’yev dated May 22 2019.
Facebook post from Amanda Kondrat’yev dated May 23 2019.

On four separate days preceeding the attack on Rep. Matt Gaetz, Amanda Kondrat'yev posted many memes on Facebook praising the practice of throwing milkshakes at political opponents. Pictured are just some examples.


Berniecrats logo

Amanda Kondrat'yev is a Berniecrat, a term used for those democrats (generally) running for office who have expressed support of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.[3]

2015 attempt


In September 2015 Amanda Kondrat'yev tried to start a Pensacola chapter of Democratic Socialists of America;

People in Pensacola (and surrounding areas): Are you interested in joining a new chapter of Democratic Socialists of America? We're starting one!
There will be public education, internal education, and social fun. Let me know and I'll invite you to the group. Please join us!

2019 new start


Johnny Ardis, Amanda Kondrat'yev right at June meeting.


Pensacola DSA General Interest Meeting Public · Hosted by Democratic Socialists of America - Pensacola[4] [5]

Bayview Park Cross

Amanda Kondrat'yev is one of four plaintiffs (along with Andreiy Andreevich Kondrat'yev; David Suhor; and Andre Ryland) in a lawsuit against the city of Pensacola to force the city to remove the Bayview Park cross.[6]


  • Studies Science and the Public at Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo
  • Studied Business - Management Info Systems at University of West Florida
  • Studied Business at Pensacola State College
  • Studied International Summer School at University of Cambridge


  • Former US Congressional Candidate (FL-01) at Amanda Kondrat'yev
  • Former Board of Directors at Humanists of West Florida
  • Former IT Business Analyst at H2 Performance Consulting
  • Former Market Development Manager at BDS Marketing