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Amanda Fickes lives in Brookings, South Dakota. Learning Designer I at South Dakota State University.


DSA - Brookings December 14 2020.

Fun times at tonight's Brookings DSA meeting.


With Kathy Gustafson, Amanda Fickes, Gemma Langum, Jacob Hull, Brian-Paco Bertrand-Cyr, Timothy, Sam Gleason, Robbie.

Sanders supporter

Bernie Sanders supporters in South Dakota were disappointed to see Hillary Clinton become the presumptive nominee Tuesday night, but say they're proud to see Sanders had so much support in South Dakota.

"It shows that he's a serious contender and that there are a lot of people still supporting him," Brookings Campaign volunteer Amanda Fickes said.

“We want to make the strongest case at the convention that we have the strongest candidate to beat Donald Trump and that starts with winnings states and sending as many delegates as we can from states,” Sanders SD Campaign Director Josh Visnaw said.

“Sanders supporters are excited about having an impact in the platform,” South Dakota Democratic Party Executive Director Suzanne Jones Pranger said. “They will continue to send delegates to national convention that will impact our platform and the issues that the democrats campaign for.”[1]