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Alwiyah Shariff is the Civic Engagement Director at the Ohio Student Association (OSA). OSA organizes powerful young communities across Ohio through values-based issue & electoral organizing, direct action, and skill building. She has focused her organizing in the past few years around the criminalization and murders of people of color. She currently runs the biggest civic engagement program — aiming to register 20,000 new young voters on 5 campuses across the state.[1]

Alwiyah Shariff lives in Columbus, OH but from Tanzania/Zanzibar. She has been organizing since her highschool years and most recently as a lead organizer with Ohio Student Association in the Movement for Black Lives. Even though ultimately she wants to shatter the corrosive systems in place, she has been working in electoral politics as a strategy to win now. Alwiyah directed an integrated voter registration program across Ohio registering over 22K young people. She is currently the membership coordinator & mentor at the Working Families Party supporting branches across the country to run & win local elections.[2]



October 4, 2013, as soon as the Zimmerman verdict came through, Ohio Student Association jumped into action. Ohio legislators had just introduced Stand Your Ground in Ohio, and they were putting on the fast-track.

We organized a 500 person mass meeting > took 20 young leaders to DC for the MOW > hosted 3 organizing workshops on Power, Story of Self, and Non-vio...

With Stuart Desmond McIntyre, Alli Rigel, Nish Collins, MarShawn McCarrel, Natalie Yoon, Molly Shack, James Hayes, Amelia Hayes, Nakeya Walker, Malaya Lynch, Ed Bates, Ariel Miller, Alwiyah Shariff, Jennifer Sconyers, Aramis Malachi-Ture Sundiata, Prentiss Haney, Amaha Sellassie, Rachel Lee, Aricka Janay, Aliya Rahman and Joel Solow.

Ohio Student Association


January 2014, more than 50 young people from all across the state came to Columbus for the 1st retreat of the Ohio Student Association fellowship for Community Change. — with Stuart Desmond McIntyre , Emily Maher, Kelsey Deann, Stephanie J-Monay Yorgensen, Ilhan Dahir, Alwiyah Shariff, Aramis Malachi-Ture Sundiata, Geniro Dingle, Ryan Javery, Ronnette Jackson-Doane, Meg Hofmann, Molly Shack, James Hayes, Amelia Hayes, Malaya Lynch, Ariel Miller, Rachael Collyer, Renee Hagerty, Prentiss Haney, Megan Nicolle, Aricka Janay and Joel Solow.

Momentum trainers

Momentum trainers, as of April 2, 2018 included Alwiyah Shariff;[3]