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Alick Shaw served as a Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Wellington City. Mr. Shaw is an accredited commissioner for hearings convened under the Resource Management Act, a member of the New Zealand Parole Board and has served on the boards of a wide range of organisations in the sport, cultural and charitable sectors, council controlled organisations, Crown entities and privately held companies. He has been a Director of Housing New Zealand Corporation since June 01, 2015. Mr. Shaw served as a Director of New Zealand Transport Agency until May 2014.[1]

Struggle for dominance with Maoists

On October 30, 1981 in Socialist Action, Treen accused New Zealand's main Maoist organization, the Workers Communist League, of holding protesters partly responsible for tour violence. He said "a number of central organisers of the Coalition to Stop the Tour - (COST) - were members of the WCL, including the chairmen of COST's marshalls Committee - Alick Shaw. (COST was a pressure group in New Zealand opposed to sporting contacts - particularly pertaining to rugby - with South Africa).[2] In the WCL's paper called Unity, Shaw retaliated and accused those concerned with "domestic racism" of trying to "hijack the movement". [3] Further, Shaw, in an article in the Victoria University student's newspaper called Salient, accused the protesters of "attacking the police".[4]


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