Alicia Hernandez

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Alicia Hernandez

Alicia Hernandez is a Missouri activist, working as "Community Organizer" for the Missouri chapter of the ACLU.

Attendee at CAIR Annual Banquet

According to a Facebook invitation, Alicia Hernandez was planning to attend CAIR - Missouri's 6th Annual Banquet.[1],[2] Linda Sarsour will also be a "special guest speaker."

The CAIR - Missouri branch of Council on American Islamic Relations gave a "lifetime achievement award" to the late Bassem Masri."[3]

"We are honored to give our lifetime achievement award to Muslim Palestinian-American Ferguson Protester Bassem Masri for his heroic work connecting the struggle for Black liberation with Palestinian liberation.

Bassem Masri's father, Zuhdi Masri will recieve [sic] the award on his son's behalf..."

Statement on Anti Blackness in the DSA

Statement on Anti Blackness in the DSA was released in February 2021:

We as the AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus stand in solidarity with the Black woman in DSA North Texas who was wrongfully suspended by DSA North Texas Co-chairs. This action by the DSA North Texas Co-chairs is racist and in particular anti-Black. This is not an isolated incident of racism but represents a pattern of anti-black and white supremacist actions within DSA which must be acknowledged, held accountable and systematically rooted out. There is a pattern of anti-black behavior that stems from the founding of DSA North Texas that has led to each generation of Co-chairs either perpetuating or being complicit in anti-black racism.

Signatories included Alicia Hernandez St. Louis Democratic Socialists of America .[4]

Socialist Majority Caucus

DSA's Socialist Majority Caucus signatories list as of April 25 2019 included Alicia Hernandez of St. Louis Democratic Socialists of America.

The Democratic Socialists of St. Louis Public Group

Members of the Democratic Socialists of St. Louis Public Facebook Group, accessed October 15 2017 included Alicia Hernandez.[5] [6]

Unsung Heroes

St. Louis Democratic Socialists of America December 11, 2018:


Congratulations to our outgoing co-chair (Lauren Pyatt), incoming co-chair (Alicia Hernandez) and resident alderwoman (Megan Ellyia Green) who were all recognized last night as Unsung Heroes at Human Rights Day 2018!

Saint Louis DSA new public group

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Saint Louis Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group, accessed April 23 2018;[7]

Admins and Moderators

Pecinovsky 14th Ward Alderman campaign

Tony Pecinovsky September 24 2018:


Thank you to everybody who came out and canvassed yesterday! Together we can Build A Better 14th Ward! — with Elise Rose Kehle, Madeline Buthod, Alicia Hernandez, Drew Mossman and Nicholas James. Al Neal also pictured.

Building a Better 14th Ward

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Leaders of the Building a Better 14th Ward organization behind Tony Pecinovsky's unsuccessful 2019 St. Louis Aldermanic campaign were Al Neal, Madeline Buthod and Alicia Hernandez.

2019 officers

St. Louis Democratic Socialists of America 2019 officers:[8]