Ali Samiian

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Ali Samiian is an Jacksonville Florida activist.


Northeast Florida Democratic Progressive Caucus July 28, 2017 .


The founding board of the NE FL Democratic Progressive Caucus. Thank you so much to all the people who have reached out in our first month! — with Shiela Kerr, Luis Zaldivar, Ali Samiian, Lisa Peth and James O'Donnell.

NE FL Democratic Progressive Caucus


Luis Zaldivar, September 22 near Jacksonville, FL ·

Check out our website to find out what this random group of organizers have in common. — with Lisa Peth, John Hatle, Herb Gerson, Ali Samiian, Frederick Peton, Nathan McKay, Jennie Rambo, Catherine Pierce, Timothy Jon Norris Yost and Larry Snider.