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Ali Khorasani

Ali Abbas Khorasani "is a chemist with an engineering background who became active in politics during Texas Republicans’ attack on reproductive rights in 2013. If elected, Ali would be younger than any sitting member of Congress, recognizing an urgent need for radical action on climate change, Medicare for All, Black Lives Matter, reproductive rights, labor rights, infrastructure, and more. Ali’s campaign has activated volunteers from all over the district to reach out to disengaged voters and grow support for a society that protects our planet and provides for all. Ali Khorasani is a member of Houston Democratic Socialists of America."[1]

I am a proud Leftist Progressive with a background in chemistry and engineering, and I have been passionate about social justice and community engagement throughout my life. After years organizing and volunteering at homeless breakfasts, interfaith engagement events, and senior center holiday concerts I realized that something more substantial needs to be done to help our fellow Americans. For this reason, I decided to run for the U.S. House of Representatives to provide a new face, new energy, and new ideas to Congress.[2]

Other Democrats in the race are Jimmy Darnell, Todd Litton, Silky Malik, HP Parvizian.

Early success

From the ActBlue website;

2017 was a very rewarding year for our campaign. A progressive millennial scientist with zero political experience (and our awesome team of supporters) have changed the status quo of politics by promoting a bold progressive message for District 2. We appeared at the Medicare for All Town Hall, various marches and rallies, the Big Hearted Texas candidate forum, and several other political events. We were second in the Democratic primary for fundraising with an average contribution of $11, and we made it to Position 2 on the Harris County Primary ballot. [3]


Ali Khorasani was selected as the Peer Minister for Ecumenical and Interreligious Life at St. Edward’s University and was a part of President Obama’s Interfaith Challenge. Since then, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, a Master’s degree in Chemistry, and currently works as a Field Service Engineer for chemical analysis instruments.[4]

2018 Houston DSA endorsed candidates


Houston Democratic Socialists of America, announced the endorsement of three additional candidates for the March 2018 primary, bringing the total number of endorsed candidates to four in this election cycle. The endorsements took place via a majority vote of the organization’s membership at its January general meeting.

Houston DSA’s list of endorsed candidates includes: Franklin Bynum, candidate for Harris County Criminal Court #8; Danny Norris, for Harris County Department of Education Board of Trustees, Position 6, Precinct 1; Fran Watson, for Texas Senate District 17; and Ali Khorasani, for U.S. Congress, Texas’ 2nd congressional district.

“These candidates represent the highest ideals of our organization: a commitment to fighting for social and economic equality, building democracy, and empowering working people in our institutions, workplaces, and communities.” said Amy Zachmeyer, Houston DSA co-chair. “We can’t wait to work alongside these campaigns to spread our values and build a better world for all the people in the Houston area.”[5]



Black Lives Matter


Ali Khorasani is a strong supporter of Houston Black Lives Matter.

Our Revolution Texas Gulf Coast

Members of the Our Revolution - Texas Gulf Coast - SD13 Closed Facebook Group, August 2017, included Ali Khorasani.[6]

Communist Party connections

Communist Party of Houston

“As a member of both the DSA and the Communist Party of Houston, I am deeply aligned with socialist values and anti-capitalism,” Khorasani said.[7]

Bernard Sampson connection

Ali Khorasani with Bernard Sampson

Ali Khorasani with Houston Communist Party leader Bernard Sampson.

Meeting Bea Lumpkin


In November 2017 Ali Khorasani met Chicago Communist Party USA member Bea Lumpkin in Houston's Unity Center.

Ali A. Khorasani for TX-2 November 15, 2017
Worker Wednesday!: I had the pleasure of meeting Bea Lumpkin, a national treasure, near-centenarian, and a veteran Union organizer out of Chicago. Bea and her husband Frank represented the far-left side of politics in Chicago and helped Obama in his political career. She organized a laundry workers' union in the early part of the 20th century and continues the fight today, organizing an alliance between seniors and young people. Bea turns 100 next year!
Bea signed a copy of her book "To Ali, In solidarity. - Bea Lumpkin".

Texas DSA - Red State Rising

On April 1 2018, 2017 Ali Khorasani was a member of the Texas DSA - Red State Rising closed Facebook group.[8]


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