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Alfre Woodard

Alfre Woodard is an actress. She was born on November 8, 1952 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the youngest of three children of Constance Woodard, a homemaker, and Marion H. Woodard, an interior designer.


Alfre Woodard "was named by her godmother, who claimed she saw a vision of Alfre's name written out in gold letters. A former high school cheerleader and track star, she got the acting bug after being persuaded to audition for a school play by a nun at her school. She went on to study acting at Boston University and enjoyed a brief stint on Broadway before moving to Los Angeles, California. She got her first break in Remember My Name (1978) which also starred Jeff Goldblum. She lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband, writer Roderick Spencer, and their two adopted children: Mavis and Duncan. She was named one of the Most Beautiful People in America by People Magazine."[1]

"Follow Me Home"

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With Deb Haaland, Jessica Thompson, Alfre Woodard, Alice Walker, Judith LeBlanc, Bakari Sellars, Angela Davis, Dahlia Ferlito, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Edgar Villanueva, Dolores Huerta.

Artists for a New South Africa

Nelson Mandela with Alfre Woodard

Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA) "was founded in 1989 by Alfre Woodard, Danny Glover, Mary Steenburgen, Blair Underwood, CCH Pounder and Robert Guillaume to support the quest to end apartheid."[2]

Relationship with Smollett Family

Melena Ryzik of the New York Times writes in March, 2016:[3]

"The Smolletts have also been outspoken politically and, since their school years, devoted to causes like H.I.V./AIDS prevention and ending apartheid. They were raised in the orbit of the Black Panthers and, lately, have lent their voices to the Black Lives Matter movement. Their trajectory, from child stars to successful adults, is born of their family and its history of activism.
"“Their sense of justice is very strong, and it permeates everything that they do,” said Alfre Woodard, who has known Jussie Smollett and Jurnee Smollett since they were children; they worked with her at the nonprofit Artists for a New South Africa. “They’re like a model sibling unit. They look out for each other, all the time. And they all reach across and say, ‘O.K., I got my foot in this door; here, grab my hand, we’re going in together.’”

Liberty Hill Foundation

As at 2009, Alfre Woodard was a member of the Advisory Board of the Liberty Hill Foundation, a Los Angeles based organization seeking to advance movements for social change through a combination of grants, leadership training and alliance-building.[4]