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Alex Kempshall

Farewell to Ann Rogers

New Communist Party of Britain leaders joined other communists, trade unionists and peace activists to pay their last respects to Ann Rogers at her funeral in Ruislip last week. NCP leader Andy Brooks, together with Party Chair Alex Kempshall, and Daphne Liddle, Pat Abrahams and Peter Hendy from the Central Committee, paid tribute to the memory of a leading member of the NCP who was National Organiser and Editor of The New Worker during the turbulent times of the 1980s and 1990s when the very existence of the Party was at stake.

Throughout her life Ann worked tirelessly for peace and socialism in the union movement, CND and the NCP, and this was reflected in the solemn gathering at the Breakspear Crematorium in Middlesex last week. Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist–Leninist) comrades Michael Chant and Chris Coleman were there, along with members of the Rogers family and many others who worked alongside Ann in local and national campaigns for peace and socialism.

The ceremony was opened by Kate Hobson from the Humanist Association, who focused on Ann’s life and her contribution to society that spanned the decades. Kate introduced Pat Abrahams and Daphne Liddle, who both spoke about Ann’s life as a communist and her ground-breaking work as Editor of The New Worker. Beryl Pankhurst, a personal friend and fellow Woodcraft Folk member followed on with memories of Ann’s life.[1]

NCP school

April 2017 Comrades looked at contemporary issues at the New Communist Party of Britain’s national weekend school at the Party Centre in London. Comrades from London, Southampton, Bristol, Llandudno and East Kilbride discussed the Juche idea, imperialism, and the role of bourgeois historians in three sessions chaired by Alex Kempshall and opened by Andy Brooks, Dermot Hudson and Ray Jones.

During the final day round-up session everyone said that there was a need for more seminars at a local and national level to help build the Party and the readership of the New Worker, our flagship paper.

It naturally ended with a collection, led by Daphne Liddle, for the New Worker fighting fund, which raised £67.50 for our communist weekly.[2]



In Bristol November 2015 Bristol Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity (BUAFS) hosted a meeting of around 30 anti-fascists to discuss “The imperialist crisis and the drive to war in Europe”. Speakers included Alex Gordon from the RMT transport union and SARU, Dan Glazebrook, author of Divide and Ruin, and Luke Beesley of BUAFS, Joti Brar from the CPGB(ML) and Alex Kempshall, who chairs the New Communist Party of Britain.[3]

Marx Memorial

March 2010, a New Communist Party of Britain delegation joined other communists and progressives in saluting the memory of Karl Marx at the annual ceremony in Highgate Cemetery in north London. Marx died in his study at half-past two on the afternoon of Wednesday 14th March 1883. To commemorate his passing the Marx Memorial Library has for many decades held an annual graveside oration at his burial place in Highgate Cemetery at the exact moment of his death.

NCP leaders Andy Brooks and Alex Kempshall, along with Robert Laurie, Daphne Liddle and Theo Russell from the Central Committee and New Worker supporter Owen Liddle, represented the New Communist Party of Britain and the turnout included Library committee members and delegations from the London embassies of socialist countries, including Cuba, People’s China, Vietnam and the DPR Korea, many of whom laid flowers at the grave.

This year the address was given by Alex Gordon, President of the National Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers (RMT) who said: “We are meeting today as monopoly capital and the forces of so-called ‘globalisation’ face yet another deep crisis. Conversely, this has awakened new interest in the ideas of Karl Marx, which have proved much more resilient than the forces of imperialist globalisation have claimed hitherto”.[4]

2004 delegation to China

A delegation from the New Communist Party of Britain returned to Britain 2004 after spending two weeks in People’s China. General Secretary Andy Brooks, National Chair Alex Kempshall and National Treasurer Dolly Shaer held talks with the Communist Party of China, Chinese trade union leaders, academics and officials from local and municipal governments during a visit that included Beijing, Nanjing, Guizhou province in western China and the southern city of Shenzhen.[5]

North Korea delegation

A New Communist Party of Britain Study Tour of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea, took place July 2001. The delegation was headed by National Chair Alex Kempshall and included Central Committee members Ray Jones and Daphne Liddle, and included Yvonne Wilkin.[6]


The business of propagandising requires artistic skills; it’s clear that we’ve brought our own sense of theatricality into the mix over the years, to one extent or another.

Alex Kempshall, member of YCL West of England’s agitprop group in the mid 70s, and its’ leading figure Denver Walker did this in spades. Their participation in the Busy Bee sketch at the Alexandra Palace tells the story of how worker bees overthrew the bee state and sent the police running. Denver wrote the sketch, and made the props.[7]



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