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Alden Whitman, for many years, was the obituary writer for the New York Times NYT, and as such, had a powerful control of what was written about the Left, especially key members of the Communist Party USA CPUSA. This included two important and extensive obits about key Party members, Hugh Mulzac, one of the heads of the Communist-dominated National Maritime Union NMU and entertainer/Soviet operative Paul Robeson.CITATION FOR THIS OBITS WILL BE PROVIDED.[1].

In an issue of The Pink Sheet on the Left, an internal security newsletter published out of Washington, D.C., they revealed that a CPUSA publication (?Political Affairs), had revealed that Alden "wrote well of the left dead" (GET EXACT QUOTE).[2]

In 195??, Whitman freely testified before the House Committee on Un-American Activities HCUA as to some of his Party membership/activities PROVIDE CITATION HERE)[3]

U. S. Peace Council sponsor

As at March, 1982, the published list of U.S. Peace Council sponsors included:[4]



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